Big Dog...Little Dog: A Bedtime Story

Big Dog Little Dog A Bedtime Story Illus in full color Two dogs who are opposite in every way are also the best of friends The bold colorful drawings are appealing and emphasize the concepts of size color and opposites Booklist
  • Title: Big Dog...Little Dog: A Bedtime Story
  • Author: P.D. Eastman
  • ISBN: 9780394826691
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Paperback
  • Illus in full color Two dogs who are opposite in every way are also the best of friends The bold, colorful drawings are appealing and emphasize the concepts of size, color, and opposites Booklist.
    Big Dog...Little Dog: A Bedtime Story By P.D. Eastman,
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    Philip Dey Phil Eastman was an American screenwriter, children s author, and illustrator As an author, he is known primarily as P D Eastman A prot g of Theodor Geisel Dr Seuss , Eastman wrote many books for children, in his own distinct style under the Dr Seuss brand of Random House, many of which were in the Beginner Books series From 1936 to 1941, Eastman worked at the story department of Walt Disney Productions From 1941 to 1943 he worked at the story department of Warner Bros Cartoons From 1945 to 1952 he worked in the story department of United Productions of America He contributed to the Private Snafu World War II training films, wrote for the animation Mr Magoo, and the Gerald McBoing Boing series for UPA.


  • Yo le pensaba dar 2 estrellas, pero mi ni a dijo que 5 Asi que lo deje en un t rmino medio, 3 ESTRELLAS.Aunque no creo que la opini n de mi hija sea objetiva, a diferencia de sus otros libros que ha calificado, ya que este libro se lo regalo su abuelita el d a del ni o Asi que para ella el libro tiene una carga de cari o extra.Me encanta que tenga libros en espa ol y este libro es muy lindo y divertido Ya hab amos le do Go, Dog Go Asi que ya est bamos familiarizadas con las ilustraciones y el es [...]

  • I love the book Big Dog Little Dog This book has been my favorite ever since I was very little The story starts off by introducing the big dog and the little dog, Fred and Ted It describes the two dogs, saying what they like, what characteristics they have and what they do Fred and Ted then go to a trip to a mountain Ted skied all day long and Fred skated all day long Then, they go to sleep in a small hotel but, neither of them can sleep because Fred s bed is too small and Ted s bed is too big F [...]

  • Fred and Ted are two dog friends who, despite superficial differences one is tall, the other short, one likes red, the other green share an apparent disdain for pants The two of them go on a skiing holiday together, but despite their obvious romantic feelings for each other, societal pressure forces them to sleep in separate rooms This is the best gay love story since Brokeback Mountain.

  • Big Dog, Little dog is an anthropomorphic book that explore two friends and their ability to solve problems on their daily adventures The dogs are living in regular human situations which is why I classify it as anthropomorphic Fred and Ted go on several adventures The difficulty comes because they have a size disparity as the title indicates They also like opposite things The conclusion of the book poses a problem that cannot solve without a third party a bird Big Dog, Little Dog is a great boo [...]

  • This book lived at Gramma s house when I was growing up, so I can t read about Ted and Fred without being flooded with memories of my own childhood These dogs are witty and clever A funny story about Big DogLittle Dog This book lived only in our collective memory for many years My sister and I were almost convinced we were making it up, because no one seemed to know about it Then, the weekend of my brother s wedding we were discussing it and asked if anyone knew about Ted and Fred Jeff, one of K [...]

  • Personal response I read this book to my little brother who loved it This use to be my favorite book when I was younger My brother and I both agreed that this book should be rated five stars.Plot summary The plot of this book is that there are who are very different One is big one is little One likes green one likes red One likes to go fast one likes to go slow, ETC These two dogs just go along there day saying what they like and its always different The only thing that is the same about these t [...]

  • These two friends Ted and Fred are different one big, one small, one fast, one slow, one skates, one skis They are good friends and nothing is really made of their differences until their sleeping arrangements get mixed up So I guess you could say that it teaches a lesson about accepting our differences The Eastman books follow in the Dr Seuss tradition but they are never quite as genius as a true Seuss But they are VERY good.

  • Our son received this as a hand me down from his cousins They read the book so many times that their mom, who is now sending one of them off to college, knew to say FRED AND TED to me when I made a passing reference to it.All I can tell you is he loves this book as much as they did It was worn down to one staple in its spine by them, doodled with crayon craziness, and maybe part of why my son likes it so much is he feels his cousins love for it leaping from the pages I feel that So, the kid love [...]

  • This book is a great story about two dogs who are different as can be but are friends who get along despite their differences They ran into a little problem while they were trying to spend the night at a hotel together, they each had beds that were the wrong size for them but with the help of a friend they figure out that if they just switch beds their problems could be solved This would be a good book to show kids good problem solving skills and that they should accept each others differences.

  • This book tries to be cute with words like Dr Seuss but fails, and the story itself is neither clever nor whimsical.

  • This was the very first book I read on my own I still remember reading it to my kindergarten class I have very fond memories of it.

  • I read Big Dog Little Dog by P.D Eastman I read this book to my little cousin, Carter, and he loved it I also loved reading this book when I was little I used to have my mom read it to me before bed The story started off by introducing the big dog and the little dog, Fred and Ted It explained how the dogs looked and acted The both of them went on a trip to a mountain Ted skied while Fred skated all day long When they got back to the hotel room Fred and Ted both encountered problems Fred slept in [...]

  • Summary Fred and Ted are two best friends This story is a great math read aloud Fred and Ted illustrate opposites Fred is tall and ted is short Many opposites are described in this great story This book is intended for kinder through first graders The dogs are personified to describe opposites that essential for development Children will feel connected to the characters Literature terms Fred and Ted show personification They speak and drive and paint houses This strategy allows the dogs to expla [...]

  • Big Dog Little Dog is a book about two different dogs one is big, Fred, and one is little, Ted, and they live total opposite lives, but they are best friends They play different instruments, they eat different things, they like different colors One day they decided to go to the mountains After their day is done, they go to a small hotel Fred goes upstairs where he sleeps an on small bed and Ted goes downstairs where he sleeps on a big bed The next day they talked about how bad they slept Fred sa [...]

  • Big Dog Little Dog is a great story of how opposite people can become best friends This story show how each dog is different from one another but they are both able to look past their differences and become good friends The only difference they struggle with is the sleeping arrangements but they still are friends It is a fable story where animals come to life to tell a story this time about friendship This story has good and clear illustrations for young children The moral of this story is for f [...]

  • Every passage in this book is presented in both English and Spanish This is beneficial for dual language learners in the classroom, as well as exposed other children to other languages There are also many comparisons e.g larger and smaller, taller and shorter made through out the book that could be used to incorporate early math skills In the story, two dogs go on a trip together and stay in a small hotel Neither dog sleeps well that night, because the big dog s bed is too small and the small do [...]

  • The concept of opposites can be explored in a playful manner with Perro Grande Perro Pequeno Suitable for a child of 3, the repetitive text and rhyming foster a love for reading by promoting print motivation and developing the child s vocabulary skills Children at this age are requiring an explanation of things, so connecting them to a book such as this during a shared reading, only encourages deeper speech and language development When a caregiver reads this book to a child, the practices encou [...]

  • I absolutely loved this book as a child, but after reading it again as an adult, I can t understand why I used to like it so much This book tells the story of two friends who have opposite opinions about everything They go on a trip to the snowy mountains and one gets a bed that is too small and the other gets a bed that is too big, so they decide to switch and end up sleeping much better The illustrations look like they were created with some kind of paint and black ink I could use this book to [...]

  • Big Fred and Little Ted are good pals even though they have different interests and traits This works well to make a comparison chart.Fred Tedhas money brokegets wet stays dryplays flute plays tubalikes spinach likes beetslikes green paint likes red paintslow driver fast driverice skates skiesThe bird solves the sleeping arrangements difficulties and shares a valuable lesson Why make big problems out of little problems

  • I think this was my favorite of the Dog series 5 14 14 Read this in my Miss Heidi s Mom preschool themed storytime A lot of the kids were excited for the book because they had it at home They liked telling me what the opposites were I pointed out a few other things and overall the book went very well The kids really liked it, which is nice considering how very simple it is as a story.4 13 15 Read in Movement storytime Had tiny crowds of very young kids, but this still worked for them.

  • Fun book about two friends, Ted and Fred, who are very different yet get along fabulously One is tall one is small, one drives fast one drives slow, one likes to skate and the other likes to ski They get all mixed up when their bed arrangements are not correct, but figure it out in the end that big dogs need big beds and little dogs need little beds My favorite line of the story was the birds why make big problems out of little problems I think the great moral behind this book is that everyone m [...]

  • Big Dog Little Dog is about two dogs that are best friends but they have nothing in common They both like different things, they are two different sizes, and they have different interests They try to go on a vacation together, but things don t work out They eventually learn to work things out and realize that it s okay to not have everything in common They become closer after this realization I would use this story as a way to show kids that you can be friends with individuals who are not the sa [...]

  • This was a good book to show my 4 year old the meaning of opposites.Some are specific examples Fred is tall, Ted is short.Fred has money Ted is broke.Upstairs Downstairs.Uphill Downhill.Some aren t exactly opposites but not the same either Fred plays the flute, Ted plays the tuba.Fred eats spinach, Ted eats beets.Fred drives a slow green car Ted drives a fast red car.

  • P.D Eastman writes a lot of the Dr Suess I Can Read books so my daughter picked this up because it was familiar to her This book had a very easy message and was stated on the last page Why make big problems out of small problems Illustrations were the classic P.D Eastman look The story rhymed all the way through 3 stars only because it didn t really jump out at me with story words or illustrations It was just average.

  • This book is the reformatted version I believe it was expanded by the son.My 4 yr old LOVES this book He thinks Fred and Ted are the funniest guys around We ve read this many, many times in the last week since buying it He s even reading it himself sounding out the words he s heard.I like the book because it s easy for my begining readers It also teaches size, opposites and problem solving Even a little color well, just red and green

  • Plot Meet best friends Fred Big Dog and Ted Little Dog in P D Eastman s classic Beginner Book Though one is big and one is little, and one loves green and one loves red, these pup pals along with their helpful acquaintance, Bird prove that opposites can be the very best of friends.Setting United States in the MountainsCharacters Big Dog, Little Dog and Bird.Point of view Third person.Theme Friendship can over come obstacles.Style Rhyme.

  • My son checked this out of the library and loved it so much we had to buy it from them He slept with it, he took it everywhere Not sure what the great attraction is, but it looks completely hammered LOLThis is a book about opposites A great thing to review with preschoolers Fred and Ted are best friends, even though they do just about everything differently.It also is a great lesson in uniqueness

  • I loved this book A short, simple parallel story about two different dogs who tend to do and be opposite things They go stay in a little hotel, but the long dog gets the short bed and the short dog gets the long bed Luckily a bird advises them to switch so they can get some rest.I just love the simplicity of this story I could read it over and over.

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