Camelot 30K

Camelot K Four astronauts journey to a cold planet only thirty degrees above absolute zero and inhabited by tiny aliens who have created a complex civilization
  • Title: Camelot 30K
  • Author: Robert L. Forward
  • ISBN: 9780812516470
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
  • Four astronauts journey to a cold planet only thirty degrees above absolute zero and inhabited by tiny aliens who have created a complex civilization.
    Camelot 30K By Robert L. Forward,
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      Robert L. Forward

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  • Robert L. Forward

    Robert Lull Forward, commonly known as Robert L Forward, August 15, 1932 September 21, 2002 was an American physicist and science fiction writer His fiction is noted for its scientific credibility, and uses many ideas developed during his work as an aerospace engineer.


  • It s been a while since I read a hard SF book I had almost forgotten how much I enjoy them There s usually at least one clever idea buried somewhere inside which makes the reading worthwhile.Camelot doesn t have great characters though I ve certainly read worse and it doesn t have dazzling writing The plot is fairly thin, as well.But I find that if I read a book like this quickly enough, I can get enough interesting elements out of it to keep my interest up And that s how it went I kept the pace [...]

  • This is a hard scifi book for those who love lots of physics thrown in with their plot and characters This story about crawfish like aliens living near absolute zero temps on an ice moon out past Neptune is highly inventive, entertaining and well done in its world building for the aliens The cable whip transport system for reaching the outer solar system without using a moon s worth of fuel is a nice sideline detail Recommended for those who enjoy heavy loads of science with their alien First Co [...]

  • Back in the old days, the Hard SciFi subgenre was dominated by authors that took the effort to get the physics correct The other sciences were represented much less often, and it is often amusing when one goes back to those old books at how ludicrous the sociology was, for example.Robert Forward s Camelot 30K is largely a throwback to those times The likelihood that Forward was a professional physicist will occur to even the least thoughtful reader within a few pages, and the conviction will be [...]

  • Praise from Vinge and Bear on the cover lured me into this mess Some of his other stuff I ve considered as interesting stinkbombs For this one, I ll have to drop the interesting If you see this book around pick it up and skip to the appendices and look at the illustration of the Center o Camalor complete with the Tower o Queen, the Park o Pleasure etc next to the cross section of the thermonuclear bomb Get it THEY LOOK ALIKE Now imagine your own cute story about how little creatures could come t [...]

  • This book has a few interesting ideas, but is written so poorly and so self inconsistent that it is painful to get to them Get ready for a race with permanent memory that also takes notes to avoid forgetting things, bed hopping scientists who look up basic facts in an encyclopedia, idiot explorers, and telepresence robots used to manipulate the controls inside of miniature cars It begins with a sentence about how some comets are comets Thanks.

  • The words Camelot 30k conjurs up images of cyber knights with laser swords astride chromed robot horses serialized in Heavy Metal magazine which is not at all what this book is about.The opening info dump is clunky and the rest is somewhat slow, but the spectacular ending makes up for it Alien world building isn t my favorite genre but the hard science approach makes the Kerack species compelling.

  • While the writing style, plot development, and characterization would get Camelot 30K two, maybe three stars, the pure science fiction creativity, and really awesome last 60 pages or so, make this a solid 4 star review Robert L Forward writes for the ideas just like his Dragon s Egg , but he writes with ideas so thoroughly I m willing to, despite myself, give this a high rating.

  • This is a cute book I think I would recommend it for a younger audience I think the bad reviews lend to adults, like me, buying the book and thinking it would be hardcore sci fi and then finding out how cute and non technical the book really is.Bottom line, if you have young kids 12 14 or so this is a nice book to introduce them to the genre of sci fi.

  • Plot was quite slow moving for first half of book Character developmentwell, this is hard sf, can t expect too much, and this was somewhat poor compared to average hard sf But the scientific point of the book, slowly unveiled in the last half, is pretty darn impressive As the NY Times noted in its review, this is an intriguing intellectual puzzle.

  • Life and inteligence fluorocarbonate based at 30kelvin degrees in the kuiper belt,the end is a bit forced

  • A great book by a real scientist This book has a lot of cool ideas, and it is worth reading just for that Forward has never been very good with characters I don t know what s wrong with them.

  • Desgraciadamente, la novela que nos ocupa hoy tiene un problema importante, y ese no es otro que el tiempo que se toma para meternos en materia.Algunos disfrutar n cosa mala con las descripciones de los keracks y su cultura, un descubrimiento paulatino, que lleva meses a los astronautas humanos y que se nos va contando de forma org nica Pero dura demasiado.Por suerte, la sociedad Kerack tiene bastante carisma, pero sobretodo la maga Marlene ayudar con su curiosidad y constante preguntar a hacern [...]

  • Como idea muy buena Como relato bien escrito Y digo bien escrito porque hay partes en las que el autor entra tanto en tecnicismos que, para un ne fito le resultan imposibles de seguir.El problema de la Cifi Hard es precisamente ese el de los tecnicismos.S , el autor demuestra su conocimiento del medio, pero no es capaz de trasladarlo a un plano m s mortal Vamos, para el lector de andar por casa.Hay muchas otras obras de Cifi Hard que no me han costado tanto como esta He sido capaz de entender gl [...]

  • Robert Forward is a genius and I love his books so so much Although the protagonists are mostly aliens non humanoid aliens his human characters are so incredibly diverse His books are definitely the least sexist and racist books I have read by non recent male authors Also, he writes SO good I loved the alien race in this book, I could ve read about the characters exploring the little planet for a few hundred pages There was some action and the end especially was foreshadowed but not expected, b [...]

  • Stephen King said It s the tale, not he who tells it.The way I read them, Forward wrote some of his books purely to explain his esoteric ideas Take Timemaster as an example, especially if you note the challenge to other theorists in his afterword.I thoroughly enjoyed this story because he did go into detail and did come up with plausible explanations for the existence of these beings I suppose if you only read perfectly flowing prose and need some feeling of a literary classic between the lines [...]

  • This is a classic Forward style book Take a unique idea for a setting and explore what kind of a civilization could be built there This is his basic formula for similar books like Saturn Rukh intelligent life in Saturn and Dragon s Egg intelligent life on a neutron star In all of these books the science is thoughtfully explored to a fault at times and is clearly Forward s priority, to the extreme detriment of characters and story.If you haven t read Dragon s Egg, try that on for size first for a [...]

  • This poor book See, Forward is a pretty clever guy a physicist, I think and he writes hard SF that is based only on current science fact No warp drives or transporters His thing is coming up with outlandish but plausible alien worlds This particular book has some neat ideas about life on a Kuiper Belt object, but it is so clunky and hard to read and THE MYSTERY is just lurking there the whole time that I just didn t enjoy it I read the similar Dragon s Egg a decade or so ago and I remember likin [...]

  • I actually had a on overall positive and enthralling experience with this book Although, at the time I was 14 15 years old and stuck somewhere I didn t want to be, so I can t entirely couch for the literary tastes of my early self.At the time, it seemed such a novel premise to see an insect like alien race depicted without them being an invading threat to humanity The science is pretty heavy, and the social aspects a bit unlikely, but the last 1 6th of the book moves at a breakneck pace and leav [...]

  • Plus que le c t scientifique, j appr cie les aliens de Forward Que ce soient ceux de la s rie Rocheworld ou les cheetas de Dragon s egg Ici encore une belle invention et une aventure qui se laisse lire

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