Golden Booklet of the True Christian Life

Golden Booklet of the True Christian Life In this classic devotional John Calvin urges readers to apply the Christian life in a balanced way to mind heart and hand Rather than focusing on contemplative otherworldliness the book stresses t
  • Title: Golden Booklet of the True Christian Life
  • Author: John Calvin Henry J. Van Andel
  • ISBN: 9780801065286
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this classic devotional, John Calvin urges readers to apply the Christian life in a balanced way to mind, heart, and hand Rather than focusing on contemplative otherworldliness, the book stresses the importance of a devotedly active Christian life.In style and spirit, this book is much like Augustine s Confessions, Bunyan s Pilgrim s Progress, or Thomas A Kempis s ImitIn this classic devotional, John Calvin urges readers to apply the Christian life in a balanced way to mind, heart, and hand Rather than focusing on contemplative otherworldliness, the book stresses the importance of a devotedly active Christian life.In style and spirit, this book is much like Augustine s Confessions, Bunyan s Pilgrim s Progress, or Thomas A Kempis s Imitation of Christ However, its intense practicality sets it apart, making it easily accessible for any reader seeking to carry out Christian values in everyday life Chapter themes include obedience, self denial, the significance of the cross, and how we should live our lives today.
    Golden Booklet of the True Christian Life By John Calvin Henry J. Van Andel,
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    John Calvin 10 July 1509 27 May 1564 , n Jehan Cauvin, re translated from Latin Iohannes Calvinus into Jean Calvin in modern French, was an influential French theologian and pastor during the Protestant Reformation He was a principal figure in the development of the system of Christian theology later called Calvinism Originally trained as a humanist lawyer, he broke from the Roman Catholic Church around 1530 After religious tensions provoked a violent uprising against Protestants in France, Calvin fled to Basel, Switzerland, where in 1536 he published the first edition of his seminal work Institutes of the Christian Religion.In that year, Calvin was invited by William Farel to help reform the church in Geneva The city council resisted the implementation of Calvin and Farel s ideas, and both men were expelled At the invitation of Martin Bucer, Calvin proceeded to Strasbourg, where he became the minister of a church of French refugees He continued to support the reform movement in Geneva, and was eventually invited back to lead its church Following his return, he introduced new forms of church government and liturgy Following an influx of supportive refugees and new elections to the city council, Calvin s opponents were forced out Calvin spent his final years promoting the Reformation both in Geneva and throughout Europe.Calvin was a tireless polemic and apologetic writer He also exchanged cordial and supportive letters with many reformers including Philipp Melanchthon and Heinrich Bullinger In addition to the Institutes, he wrote commentaries on most books of the Bible as well as theological treatises and confessional documents, and he regularly gave sermons throughout the week in Geneva Calvin was influenced by the Augustinian tradition, which led him to expound the doctrine of predestination and the absolute sovereignty of God in salvation.Calvin s writing and preaching provided the seeds for the branch of theology that bears his name The Presbyterian and other Reformed churches, which look to Calvin as a chief expositor of their beliefs, have spread throughout the world Calvin s thought exerted considerable influence over major religious figures and entire religious movements, such as Puritanism, and some have argued that his ideas have contributed to the rise of capitalism, individualism, and representative democracy in the West.


  • This was a great little book The translation is really good though a little awkward here and there because it s modern though not slang english so it distracted me a couple times thinking Did Calvin really talk write like this lol It feels like Jeff Vanderstelt wrote this book, and language wise that s a good thing It makes you feel like you re listening to your best friend.Calvin mainly talks about three things in this book 1 The need for obedience as opposed to legalism antinomianism 2 The fru [...]

  • Coming from Calvin s Institutes, this new translation by the guys at Ligonier Ministries put together a refreshing, encouraging, and powerful little book.Why read this if it s just from the Institutes Why not just read it out of that A few reasons One, it s short, making it very concise and easy to read Two, this isn t just a cash grab not that I would suspect Ligonier of something like that This is a well thought out, excellently translated version of Calvin s Christian classic Which brings me [...]

  • Scripture comes to our rescue with the best of reasons for doing good to all people It teaches us not to regard others according to their own merits, but to consider in them the image of God to which we owe both honor and love Walking in the Christian life when walked with Christ and seeing Christ in all things can be freeing Free to love and free from fear and anxiety It is when we take our eyes off Jesus, the author of our faith, is when the tension of the Christian life can be difficult and i [...]

  • Heart warming and soul stirring This is the type of book a pastor would do well to hand out to his church Calvin cuts through the fogs and delivers timeless insights in issues such as suffering, death, possessions, eating, clothing, growing in holiness, callings Really hope we have it in Portuguese soon if not now.

  • I think it would be impossible to overlook the satisfying brevity of this slim volume and the refreshing novelty of a religious treatise that is scarcely weighty enough to kill a medium sized housefly and could do no than discourage a larger one One is not accustomed to such economy in this genre However, it must be said that this is the distillation of a much heftier program which I might attempt to read some day For now, this will suffice This was a very enlightening book in many ways I will [...]

  • What a gem of a book It is a simple explanation of the Christian s sanctification how we are called to Christlikeness because we are to reflect His righteousness as His children how our dying to self is necessary in order for us to be like Him how suffering for His glory enriches our lives how our hope lies in the world to come, thus we can endure anything in this life how the comforts and joys now should be used to help, not hinder, us in our quest to be like our Lord and Savior I highly reco [...]

  • Unless we are devoted even addicted to righteousness, we will faithlessly abandon our Creator John Calvin knows the depths of our own human wickedness and yet reminds us of the goodness of the image of God in every person He reminds us to get the log out of our own eye before pointing out our brother s speck A beautiful treatise on self denial, with a heart centered approach to enjoying the things of this life to wrap up the book Lots of gospel truth and reorienting exhortations.

  • This little book represents a self contained excerpt from Calvin s Institutes, five consecutive chapters from that book dealing with essential matters of practice in the Christian life The book functions as a good, brief introduction to the reformer This being my first direct encounter with his writing, I found Calvin very different from the modern caricature of him And when you do get to the typical Calvin teachings, he does an admirable job of balancing his doctrine and considering legitimate, [...]

  • This book is written with sincerety and is heavily weighted in Biblical truth It weaves together solid intellectual thought with a wholehearted drive for practicality.Besides being worth its weight in gold, it is actually quite an easy read This is a true gem pulled out of the period of the Reformation, and highly recommended for Christians of our era

  • First sentence THE GOAL OF God s work in us is to bring our lives into harmony and agreement with His own righteousness, and so to manifest to ourselves and others our identity as His adopted children We discover in God s law a picture of God s own image, to which we are being progressively conformed But since we are lazy and require prodding and encouragement in this, it will be helpful to construct in this work a model of the mature Christian life from various passages of Scripture, so that th [...]

  • The name of John Calvin is one that brings up mixed feelings within the Christian church When people hear his name, the acronym TULIP Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistible Grace, and Preservation of the Saints is often what first comes to mind Often bringing up the name of John Calvin at a Christian fellowship is enough to turn a rather peaceful dinner into an intense debate over predestination, vessels of wrath, and other such theological matters This is not t [...]

  • This short book is a recent new translation from Latin of a section excerpted from Calvin s Institutes of the Christian Religion It is appealing and powerful in its brevity The translation is in a readable, almost conversational, format for example, with frequent use of contractions Yet, it still retains relatively dense content consistent with a serious treatment of an important topic.The author s stated goal is to present Jesus disciples a model for ordering their livesa universal principle to [...]

  • I would commend this book to all followers of Christ There is almost too much in its pages for how small a book it is It is a gut punch of godliness and yet so encouraging Calvin was quite obviously immersed in the teaching of Scripture as he conveys its message so powerfully and yet so succinctly.

  • Lots of practical wisdom from a man who loved Jesus and wasn t afraid to lay down his life to serve him More intense and like eating steak than most modern books are Last three pages on living faithfully in your calling and place God assigns you in life was maybe the best I ve read on that So helpful.

  • Ligonier put out this elegant little edition through their Reformation Trust imprint The aesthetic fits with the brevity and simplicity of the text, although there is enough meat here to reward re reading Excellent.

  • My goal here is simply to present to godly people a model for ordering their lives How thankful I am he achieved his goal through the grace of God A compelling book that speaks directly and plainly to the Christian walk However its ability to get to the point by no means diminishes its profundity A little book that should receive much use.

  • I appreciated the brevity and impact of this short writing Calvin is such an intelligent and thoughtful man This was my first experience reading anything from Calvin, and I m glad I started here

  • For May 2013 of my Ancient Mentors series, I read Calvin s Golden Booklet of the True Christian Life, as well as S Manetsch s Calvin s Company of Pastors as an historical accompaniment This was a helpful little book I m surprised it took me so long to get around to reading it In five brief chapters, Calvin offers some useful biblical and pastoral guidance for the believer s journey in sanctification The chapters are as follows 1 Humble Obedience, the True Imitation of Christ2 Self denial3 Patien [...]

  • This was a very good devotional book in regards to his Institutes Chapter 3 was the most encouraging for myself Patience in Crossbearing The cross makes us humble The cross makes us hopeful The cross teaches obedience The cross makes for discipline The cross brings repentance Persecution brings God s favor Persecution should bring spiritual joy The cross should not make us indifferent The cross makes for submission The cross is necessary for our salvation.Even if you only read this chapter, I kn [...]

  • Great little book I loved the quality and simplicity contained inside I also loved Calvin s focus on humility, bearing whatever God sends us with joy, and looking towards our future hope in heaven It encouraged and strengthened my faith.

  • This book is an excellent read once you get used to reading his style In short, it is obeying and following Christ, that is, about humble self sacrifice and patience in this world as we wait for our hope to come He meditates on this idea over and over, and what is amazing is that this is what he considers the true Christian life He supports it with Bible.It really was a book of excellent little nuggets The whole argued for what is written above, but it had moments of glory For example On page 13 [...]

  • This short book on the Christian life is extracted from the second edition 1539 of John Calvin s classic book Institutes of the Christian Religion Parsons and Denlinger have given us an excellent new translation of the book, based upon the final and definitive Latin edition of the Institutes The translators have striven to make Calvin s meaning as clear as possible to English readers Calvin s goal with the book was simply to present to godly people a model for ordering their lives His purpose in [...]

  • If you want to understand the heart of John Calvin, read the back of the book Oftentimes, we direct our attention to the theological treatises set forth in the writings of John Calvin, and rightly so But far important than predestination, a proper understanding of the sacraments, etc is the way in which the Christian is to live, and the way in which correct theology is to be worked out in our daily lives This little book addresses this very thing Taken from Calvin s Institutes of the Christian [...]

  • There s a lot of wisdom in this new little book from this up and coming pastor author Like this Let believers learn to bear scarcity with no less calm and patience than they experience abundance all with moderation The one who seeks to hold on to the things of this world lightly puts to death his own immoderate appetite for food and drink He puts to death cowardice, ambition, pride, haughtiness, and dissatisfaction with respect to his table, his buildings, and his clothes Indeed, he puts to deat [...]

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