Dial L for Loser

Dial L for Loser THE CLIQUE is backMassie Block With her glossy brunette bob and Whitestrip smile Massie is the uncontested ruler of The Clique and the rest of the social scene at Octavian Country Day an exclusive p
  • Title: Dial L for Loser
  • Author: Lisi Harrison
  • ISBN: 9780316115049
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Paperback
  • THE CLIQUE is backMassie Block With her glossy brunette bob and Whitestrip smile, Massie is the uncontested ruler of The Clique and the rest of the social scene at Octavian Country Day, an exclusive private school in Westchester County, New York.Claire Lyons Has finally arrived But will she be able to stay in Massie s inner circle Alicia Rivera Would love to take MaTHE CLIQUE is backMassie Block With her glossy brunette bob and Whitestrip smile, Massie is the uncontested ruler of The Clique and the rest of the social scene at Octavian Country Day, an exclusive private school in Westchester County, New York.Claire Lyons Has finally arrived But will she be able to stay in Massie s inner circle Alicia Rivera Would love to take Massie s throne one day Just might do it.Dylan Marvil Massie s second in command, who divides her time between sucking up to Massie and sucking down Atkin s shakes.Kristen Gregory Will insult you to tears faster than you can say scholarship kid THE CLIQUEThe only thing harder than getting in is staying in.
    Dial L for Loser By Lisi Harrison,
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    Lisi Harrison is the author of the 1 New York Times best selling series The Clique , Alphas , Monster High, Pretenders, and her first adult novel The Dirty Book Club out 10.10.17 Lisi was born in Toronto, Canada, and lived in NYC for 15 years while she worked at MTV She now lives in Laguna Beach, CA and is a member or her own Dirty Book Club.


  • I think this was a good book It never lost my interest and I always was wondering what was going to happen next The series, to me, is wonderful I think it deals with everyday problems with middle school girls It shows how there pretty much is a Massie in every school The only thing is that she makes Massie pretty misunderstanding toward the other characters, but like every book there always has to be that someone who ruins the perfect life Also I do love how she uses things in everyday life to r [...]

  • this book was about a bunch of girl that get kicked out of school They have a girl named Claire that tries her best to fit in But when she hits the spot where she becomes famous her friends never really influence how she really is But then many other things that change her life i didn t like this book because the author used no tone It was impossible to read this book But if I was Claire I wouldn t have been friends with the other girls because it influenced her to do many things she didn t want [...]

  • Dial L for Loser is a great book with real situations and real drama that teenage girls can connect with It is part of a series called The Clique Series by Lisi Harrison There are eight other books in her series and she is writing one right now The books are The Clique, Best Friends for Never, Revenge of the Wannabes, Invasion of the Boy Snatchers, The Pretty Committee Strikes Back, Dial L for Loser, Its Not Easy Being Mean, and Sealed With a Diss There are a lot of different things happening in [...]

  • Reviewed by Safia Abdul for TeensReadTooOur favorite Clique is back once again in this preppy and ah dorable novel After being expelled from their seventh grade class at their private school, OCD, the Clique girls have risen to fame on a movie set Dial L for Loser, the latest teen movie being filmed But what will happen when Gap wearing ordinary Claire snatches the lead role from Prada loving, born to rule Queen Massie That obviously doesn t go over well with the Clique girls, and Massie has to [...]

  • I honestly can t believe I finished this in one day, since that wasn t my intention at all Like most books, though, if I finish it in less than 3 days, it s because I wanted to get it over with Throughout the entire book, this was a 2 star read I don t like the story when the entire Pretty Committee isn t together, and I also hated Massie and Alicia s characterization in the book I felt like I was back at square one, with the bullying I understand they were jealous, and that petty fights happen [...]

  • In the book Dial L For Loser, by Lisi Harrison there is a lot that goes on ranging from breaking up a celebrity couple to getting the chance to try out for a featured film All of this revolves around the main characters The Pretty Committee includes Massie, Kristen, Alicia, Dylan and Claire Massie the alpha of the group comes across as conceded and self centered when actually she is really insecure and cares about what everyone thinks about her Kristen is sporty, Dylan is acts like a guy, Alicia [...]

  • These kinds of books are one of my top guilty pleasure books Hollywood, Celebrity stars, Reputation to uphold and drama The theme for this book is beautiful and heart racing And the fact that this is another book of the famous CLIQUE series I totally heart it So, the book starts off where the Pretty Committee starts the life free of OCD This meant unlimited shopping sprees, meetings in Starbucks and no homeworks They re living the fantasy life any teenage girl would love, right So, after a bathr [...]

  • Based on the book Dial L for Loser, the purpose of the author is to inspire teenagers In this book the protagonist is Massie Block She is a seventh grader and she lives with her parents in Westchester She has 4 friends and they are Kristen, Alicia, Dylan and Claire They all are expelled from school OCD They have their own group called The Pretty Committee The purpose of this committee is to be famous Massie s favorite teen celebrity was Abby Boyd She loves to act like her She also likes to go sh [...]

  • Dear Miss Richard, I am currently reading Dial L for loser I put down the book Killing Brittney because it was just to boring Anyways my book Dial L for loser is about 5 girls and there rich,dramatic lives, and growing up together They really have like the best life ever and are so lucky to be growing up and being rich Also there is so much drama in this book These girls are always fighting over boys, friends, and money Like whose rich,whose better, and which boy likes them My book is just abo [...]

  • Massie Block mean,cute,popular but always think she can have all her dreams come true like that part of dial L for loser the biggest movie ever with 2 big Hollywood stars Abby Goyd and Hadley.Is it really her chance to make her even popular at OCD and outside of OCD or not.Kristen Gregory Grounded for failing her philosophy test How can she go to Hollywood to audition for the wacky teenager Molly.Dylan Marvil Her mom hosts a show and invites the 2 big Hollywood stars for an interview but then s [...]

  • These books made me realize how horrible it is to be self centered and selfish Massie Block is really self centered she thinks that everyone loves her, that she is so great and she is the best at everything when Claire gets the lead role in a new hollywood movie with two famous movie starts gets so jealous that she didnt get the part that she starts to despise her best friend claire and tries to make her feel bad and sabatoge her massie doesnt know what it means to be a good friend and no matter [...]

  • SPOILER ALERT Overall, I loved this book It was really hard for me to put it down because it was full of drama and real life situations that are really interesting At the end of every chapter, it left you with either a cliffhanger or an oh my gosh what just happened look on your face and in your mind It shows you what can really happen to someone who isn t really popular who tries harder than everyone else who is popular and has it in the bag per say It also shows that if you put 110% into somet [...]

  • Massie Block She is this close to begging Principal Burns to letting her and the girls back into OCD But, then she gets the offer of a lifetime she, Alicia, and Claire get to go to hollywood to audition for a part in the new movie Dial L for Loser Of Course the other girls have no chance.Dylan Marvil Good thing she wasn t invited to go to Hollywood cause thanks to her new all bran diet she would be spending most of her time in the bathroom.Alicia Rivera Who cares if they say she is to beutiful f [...]

  • I never realized this was the 6th book I watched the movie back then and it was good but not really the type of movie you would be drawn to For me, the whole plot was kinda cliche How a girl wants to fit in and be liked by people, and then there would be this group of girls who has everything clothes,looks, money and popularity This books was just all about how Claire, who is the main girl in the story gets a role in a movie And the other girls specifically Massie and Alicia gets jealous because [...]

  • Goodbye Westchester, Hello Hollywood The Pretty Committee PC , the most popular girls at OCD Octavian Country Day school, take off to Hollywood Massie PC leader , Alicia PC s second in command , and Claire PC s new girl answer destiny s call when PC member, Dylan Marvil, invites them to come to her mother s show The Daily Grind set to meet Hadley Durk and Abby Boyd, the future stars of the Dial L For Loser movie When Hadley calls a quits to the movie when she finds out Abby is cheating with her [...]

  • Before I start, I just wanted to tell that quite a major portion of my book was missing from my copy ebook version And guess what did I realise I realised that I was cool with it, you know, kinda happy actually This is coming from a person who gets crazy when even a few words get here and there in her book.So what is the lesson learnt That I drop the series, at least for now, before I get some long term effects on my love for reading shudder

  • This book was good for what it was but I think I may be too old for these types of books now I don t consider this YA, of tween read used to love this series when I was younger, but now I just find the characters obnoxious.

  • I didnt like this book I thought it was really unrealistic that they become like movie stars Also how their parents would let them after getting expelled.

  • Books with basically no Cam Fisher are just tragic I didn t like this one OKAY It just wasn t realistic at all so i mean i don t want this This isn t Claire this isn t them and they spent way too much time in characters i didn t like.

  • O kay so the Teen Vogue thing was somewhat believable, but being scouted is unbelievable Kinda reaching And gawd is Massie a terrible friend And I m so tired of Kuh laire whining about Cam This series is getting kinda boring and or heteronormative.

  • Dial L For Loser PLOT Very typical plot The Pretty Committee are still expelled but get invited to guest star on Merri Lee s show There s a movie being made called Dial L For Loser and the two lead actress s fall out because one sleeps with the other one s boyfriend So somehow Massie, Alicia, and Claire are invited to audition for the role when the actress quits whose boyfriend cheated They all go out to Hollywood Massie s too aggressive for the role, Alicia s too pretty, and so the role goes to [...]

  • DIAL L FOR LOSER is a great book for all teens who like drama in a teenagers life The genre of this book is realistic fiction because it can happen to anyone in real life Massie, Kristen, Alicia, Dylan and the newest of all Claire consider themselves as the pretty committee in OCD.These girls have so much drama in their lives that sometimes they happen to be so responsible that they can fall into deep trouble The deepest trouble they ve ever been to was when they previously got expelled from sch [...]

  • Dial L for Loser is book 6 in The Clique, Lisi Harrison s popular and controversial series revolving around the Pretty Committee, the most powerful and exclusive clique of the all girls Octavian Country Day School in Westchester, NY In this book, the narrative takes a temporary turn for the slightly better Massie and Alicia are up to their old tricks and this time Claire won t stand for them That is, until the next book.Plot Massie Block and the Pretty Committee visit the set of Merril Lee Marvi [...]

  • WHOA I m already on the sixth book in the series That s crazy HAHA I now know the difference between the girls though the cover models are always stumping me I think that s Massie in the middle I could be wrong I wish that they would include the girls and which one was which In this book, the girls are expelled from the last book s incident where they ran off into the mountains and got lost At first it seemed like fun While everybody was at school they were chilling at the mall That s sort of li [...]

  • Now that the girls have so much free time, they use it to shop til they drop and just relax except for Kristen and Claire who must also complete schoolwork Then, something exciting comes up Dylan s mom, Merri Lee Marvil, hosts the most popular morning talk show and gets two in demand guests, teen stars Abby and Hadley She even invites the Pretty Committee to hang out back stage with the stars and watch the show Dylan confirms to the P.C for gossip points that Gabor, Hadley s boyfriend, did cheat [...]

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