The Empire Strikes Back - So You Want to Be a Jedi?

The Empire Strikes Back So You Want to Be a Jedi So you want to be a Jedi It seems cool You can move things with your mind Control people with your thoughts Oh and the lightsabers Yeah those are awesome But it s not all mind control and weaponized
  • Title: The Empire Strikes Back - So You Want to Be a Jedi?
  • Author: Adam Gidwitz Iain Mccaig
  • ISBN: 9781484709146
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Hardcover
  • So you want to be a Jedi It seems cool You can move things with your mind Control people with your thoughts Oh, and the lightsabers Yeah, those are awesome But it s not all mind control and weaponized flashlights Being a Jedi is hard work Also, there are bad guys Lots of bad guys Who want to kill you.Do you still want to be a Jedi Well, this book tells the tale ofSo you want to be a Jedi It seems cool You can move things with your mind Control people with your thoughts Oh, and the lightsabers Yeah, those are awesome But it s not all mind control and weaponized flashlights Being a Jedi is hard work Also, there are bad guys Lots of bad guys Who want to kill you.Do you still want to be a Jedi Well, this book tells the tale of one of the greatest Jedi ever It s also a retelling of the classic film The Empire Strikes Back But it is than that It also teaches you how to become a Jedi Maybe you don t need to learn how to levitate or sense your surroundings blindfolded And maybe you don t want to hear a story about lightsabers and murderous snow creatures and spaceships But maybe you do want to hear such a story And maybe, just maybe, you do want to learn how to be a Jedi Well, in that case, this is the book for you The choice, my young friend, is in your hands Literally.
    The Empire Strikes Back - So You Want to Be a Jedi? By Adam Gidwitz Iain Mccaig,
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  • I still don t understand why this had to be in second person It was just weird But it got better as the book went on

  • Amount read The prologue and a couple sentences of the first chapterTHIS FUCKING BOOK IS IN SECOND PERSON hurls book across room only not really because I don t want to break my iPod Alright, I m calmer now Perhaps I should have seen this coming, considering that the title is in second person, but I thought that was just an attempt to be funny and get people to buy the book Nope You will be asked to believe that you are Luke Skywalker for the entirety of Gidwitz s retelling of The Empire Strikes [...]

  • This this is really bad It was a struggle to finish it The second person point of view has never been my favorite, but this was made even worse by the simple fact that the author got so many pivotal moments and dialogue flat out wrong It s almost as if he was writing from memory, after having watched Empire Strikes Back once as a child, thirty some odd years ago.See if you can read these and not cringe It s like fingernails on a chalkboard This deal gets worse every second, Lando mutters That wa [...]

  • Disclaimer I ve never watched the movies ducks from the onslaught of lightsabers It feels like this book was written specifically for boys I hated how he skipped over the mushy parts, wrote in second person, and ugh.Ladies and gentlemen, my oh so eloquent review.UPDATE I ve watched the movies, and holy scruffy looking nerfherders, they were fantastic

  • Not really fussed on this one I shelved this under Childrens in my bookshelves, whereas I didn t shelve A New Hope The Princess, the Scoundrel, and the Farm Boy there New Hope felt a lot better done than this one in that it was sort of timeless and could work for any audience listening to this one, I was very aware that I was listening to a childrens retelling of Empire.As with New Hope, sound effects and music and so on were great the narrator made Luke sound a tad whingier than I expected The [...]

  • At first, I was not a fan of the 2nd person narrative But, in the end, it works just fine for the story My 6 year old was totally into all the Jedi training segments He has declared himself a true Jedi master now.

  • 2,5 t hte Kuten jo nimen perusteella voi olettaa, t m teos on nuortenkirjamuotoon tehty sovitus Imperiumin vastaisku elokuvasta Tartuin kirjaan, koska sarjan edelt v osa Uusi toivo Prinsessa, lurjus ja maalaispoika yll tti positiivisesti erityisesti Antti Hulkkosen erinomaisen suomennoksen ansiosta Siin alkuper isen Star Wars elokuvan tarinaan on onnistuneesti saatu uutta syvyytt kertomalla tarina ensimm isess persoonassa Leian, Luken ja Hanin n k kulmista.Haluatko jediksi kirjassa taas uutta tw [...]

  • I am your father Hey, if it were you, could you resist using this So, basically a retelling of The Empire Strikes Back written for kids, filled with funny dialogue and lessons on how to be a Jedi Surprisingly, this was pretty fun.I noticed that in most of the reviews, people were complaining about the fact that it was told through second person view, not first person But, after reading the foreword, and seeing that Mr Gidwitz wanted to actually put readers in Luke s shoes, I think that telling i [...]

  • I didn t think there could be a worse translation of Star Wars than Bracken s take I was most assuredly wrong.I know this is a cash grab by Disney and that there is a chance that the target age group may not know how unbelievably bad the writing is which, if we can be honest,is unforgivable given that Gidwitz is telling a story originally and completely written by someone else , but how does it happen that Disney hires authors who simply do not understand the archetypes and imagery used by Lucas [...]

  • So You Want to be a Jedi This book is a retelling of The Empire Strikes Back and a guide to becoming a Jedi It is told through Luke Skywalker s point of view, and follows the original book s story line very closely In between chapters Gidwitz talks directly to the reader giving lessons on meditation and self control Gidwitz tells the reader that he or she is Luke, so when he tells some parts of the story he says, but you know this because you are Luke or something like that If you read my other [...]

  • I couldn t finish the book I know what it is trying to do, but it wasn t working for me It had too casual a feel to it, and under no circumstances should the words awesome or cool appear in the Star Wars universe I put up with it for a while, but although the story was supposed to be training young Jedi by telling Luke s story, all of a sudden you d hear the perspective of Han or Vader or something It didn t make sense I didn t finish it, and maybe this one is for you or your kids, but sorry I g [...]

  • Actually Rating 2.5 out of 5 starsOkay, this wasn t horrible, but it wasn t great either.The main gripe that I have as well as many other reviewers was the second person perspective It wasn t really necessary and it confused me a lot.I did enjoy this book, but not at all quite like the first.I m looking forward to the conclusion of this trilogy though.

  • Me gust es sobre Star Wars y el episodio V El imperio contraataca No me gust la forma en que el escritor narra esta historia y los apartados que se encuentran al final de cada cap tulo, que contienen las lecciones Personalmente, no lo recomiendo.

  • Actual review Wow that was hilarious and awesome and had all the true spirit of the movie I especially love the scenes where we can see Darth Dad reacting to his little boy his shoulders tensing when the emperor finds out and then seemingly coming up with a solution and then when Luke runs away him being sad about it is honestly the best thing ever Dad just wants his son and it make Vader very human which is good to set up the events of the last book Amazing book, I think every MG or YA reading [...]

  • Find this review, plus , on my blog Booklikes OR Blogger Basic InfoFormat Audio Pages Length 6hrsGenre Young Adult Sci FiReason For Reading Continue series At A GlanceLove Triangle Insta Love Obsession NoCliff Hanger NoTriggers n aRating 4 starsScore SheetAll out of tenCover 7Plot 7Characters 8World Building 7Flow 7Series Congruity 8Writing 7Ending 7Total 7In DepthBest Part Yoda Worst Part Luke gets a bit whiny Thoughts Had I need a Yoda ConclusionContinuing the Series YesRecommending YesShort R [...]

  • I was so disappointed by this book The Empire Strikes Back is not only my favorite Star Wars movie but my favorite Movie, period How Adam Gidwitz was able to transform this story from something that I loved to something I loved putting down is beyond me Maybe I m being too harsh The story it s self is not bad How could it be, it s Star Wars The issue I had was that it did not feel like a Star Wars fan wrote it It lacked the spirit needed to tell this story The prospective through me off It was a [...]

  • Oh dear god this was awful I mean, the first of this YA retelling of the trilogy was flawed, but was at least tolerable enough to finish Unfortunately, a well executed audio presentation can t save this turkey, and I gave up after about an hour and a half.This book, rather than just freshening up the story, reads like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, but without R.A Montgomery s panache, or any choices That is to say that it s in the second person, for the most part Confoundingly, author Adam G [...]

  • Marc Thompson just does such a fantastic job with these audiobooks The character voices are on point I liked this one less than the first one though I m a big Adam Gidwitz fan, and his signature style was evident throughout, but I would have liked less jedi lessons and mushy stuff with Han and Leia Then again, I m not a middle schooler, so it does stay true to its target audience The second person narration takes a little getting used to, but it s not too overly jarring or anything On to book t [...]

  • This was a fairly accurate retelling The only thing I have to note, after looking at the other reviews is that this is definitely written for children Probably low middle grade, and not knowing the author s style going in is probably going to throw some people off I was familiar with Mr Gidwitz s style, I ve read the first book in his MG series, so I wasn t too surprised That s the big thing to keep in mind It is second person, so that makes a little different.

  • link Wanderbook , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , IV VI , , 4 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , .

  • So this is story I believe I have read before Now that I come to think about it I think I saw a movie But seriously, this is not a reboot or a rewrite Its like a different form of telling a wonderful story I liken it to those times we sat around a camp fire or a table and told wonderful stories of our past The story doesn t really change, it just gets told differently maybe with different highlights depending on the teller Adam Gidwitz had fun with this one First of all its in second person But [...]

  • I really liked this book I have watched the movie and everything that happens in the book, happens in the movie It was a second person view book, I didn t really care In the book it told us to do stuff like balance things in your head so you can be patient At the end you were about to join Darth Vader just to be with your father But then you think of your friends and just fall down and gets saved an Overall it was good, I cant wait to read the next book.

  • It was an OK book It was not as good as The Princess, the Scoundrel, and the Farm Boy The book did not offer any new things to the plot of Star Wars like Braken s did.It was the first book that I read in second pov unless you count the serial killer point of views in the Natural which was interestingI felt that the best character that he wrote about was Han Though I may be partial because I LOVE for Han with all my being.

  • What follows are the things that stuck to mind after I finished this book It s a rather disjointed attempt of a review Apologies for that.While the source material isn t perfect, the fact that no one bothered to revise this work before it went to print portraying Yoda as a carricature and Han Solo as a jerk for the sake of being a jerk speaks volumes for how little Disney cares about the franchise.Going by this book s logic, its target audience is not mature enough for the scenes wherein Han and [...]

  • The novel Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back So You Want to be a Jedi , by Adam Gidwits, is a Great reading choice for anyone who loves science fiction and good conquering over evil First it start at a secret Rebel base on the icy planet of Hoth where the Rebels are making a plan to defeat the Evil Empire to get he galaxy at peace once again the author made the reader, Luke Skywalker Darth Vader with the Empire quickly discovers the Rebel base on Hoth and orders an attack on the Rebel base pg 60 [...]

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