The Color of Grace

The Color of Grace Pain and hopelessness are the common ground shared between two vastly different cultures a middle class woman in rural America and war ravaged children in Africa as author Bethany Haley shares her sto
  • Title: The Color of Grace
  • Author: Bethany Haley Williams Katie J. Davis
  • ISBN: 9781476766263
  • Page: 183
  • Format: ebook
  • Pain and hopelessness are the common ground shared between two vastly different cultures a middle class woman in rural America and war ravaged children in Africa as author Bethany Haley shares her story of healing and how she built Exile International, a non profit that nurtures child soldiers rescued from the LRA Lord s Resistance Army Meet Denis Denis was abductedPain and hopelessness are the common ground shared between two vastly different cultures a middle class woman in rural America and war ravaged children in Africa as author Bethany Haley shares her story of healing and how she built Exile International, a non profit that nurtures child soldiers rescued from the LRA Lord s Resistance Army Meet Denis Denis was abducted at the age of ten after being forced to watch members of the LRA murder his father and grandparents His younger siblings were left behind, and his mother was instructed to raise them well for one day we ll return to take them too Denis is one of thousands of innocent boys and girls who have had their innocence stolen and are forced to do the unthinkable on a daily basis But their horrific experiences are just the beginning The real story is what happens after Once the children escape or are rescued, they have to find a way to live again This is where Bethany Haley comes in Faced with her own failures and rocky journey toward healing, Bethany founded Exile International a foundation that uses art and expression therapy to help with the healing process Once these children learn to face their pasts, they are given hope for a future and a vision for making a difference in their country as peace makers Featuring a foreword by Katie Davis, author of the bestseller Kisses from Katie, this riveting narrative shows us that no matter what hardships we have endured, there is always a way to healing and a positive future.
    The Color of Grace By Bethany Haley Williams Katie J. Davis,
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      Bethany Haley Williams Katie J. Davis

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  • Bethany Haley Williams Katie J. Davis

    With a PhD in counseling psychology and a master s in clinical social work, she is a leader in the specialized field of war affected children rehabilitation with worldwide organizations such as the United Nations and the Global Trauma Recovery Institute With than twenty years of experience in the field, Bethany maintains a small counseling and coaching practice in Nashville, TN She and her husband, Matthew, reside in Nashville, Tennessee, and lead the work of Exile International together.exileinternationalcolorofgracebookbethanyhaleywilliams


  • Heart grippingI seldom write reviews, just because I bought The Color of Grace three or so weeks again, and just finished reading it Books do not usually take this long to read however, I had to start and stop multiple times Dr Williams has painted a vivid picture of what is happening in Africa and Haiti , making it difficult to quickly process The pictures painted show atrocities that many of us will never know In the midst of all the evil because there is no other word for it are children and [...]

  • I didn t really have any expectations when I began reading this book, as I typically am not a fan of religious journeys made into novels However, I was pleasantly surprised when I began reading this as I found it easy to relate and connect with Dr Williams I was very surprised that she was able to make such a distant issue, like the child soldiers in the Congo, feel like it was close to my heart and make me feel passionate about something I knew so little about Progressing through the novel, I b [...]

  • This book was meaningful and gave great information It was hard to read at times because of the incredible abuse these children endured I felt like it would have been a better book without the journal writing though.

  • This book is so powerful The atrocities suffered by the people of Africa especially the children are horrific and unimaginable, yet the power of love and forgiveness are stronger still than the power of hate and evil This book testifies to that, both through the author s story and through the stories of the children she and her team are helping in DRC and Uganda Read this book We live such isolated lives here in the U.S and our ignorance and dare I say greed not only allows these crimes to conti [...]

  • Bethany Haley Williams has a Masters in clinical social work and a PhD in counseling psychology with twenty years in the field and has a counseling and coaching practice She founded Exile International which sponsors child programs in Africa so that they are given the tools to develop and grow such as food, education, health care, psychosocial support, and spiritual care using art and expression therapy.These children are former child soldiers and sex slaves who develop into peacemakers and lead [...]

  • How is this book not a Best Seller For the very reason that in the Westerner world, we are caught up in a spoiled life arguing with society over the internet and screaming from afar over small potatoes We refuse to read because the truth is the story is gruesome We d rather ignore and hide from it But, this is reality for a lot of the children in northern Uganda They are not just survivors of war and forced to do unspeakable things to humanity and their love ones Forced the operative word But, t [...]

  • Wowat was a difficult book to read, but I have a feeling it s going to greatly impact my life and I m so thankful to the author for vulnerably putting herself out there, sharing her greatest mistakes, fears, and how they lead her to a place of people that are unbelievably stronger than any person I ve ever heard of If these people and children have been strong enough to survive or go through such atrocities, then we spoiled blessed westerners should surely be willing to stomach and hear their st [...]

  • The Color of Grace is a true reminder of how good we have it living in the United States This book tells the story of the author s early life and eventual mission work She tells about her to tumultuous marriage, divorce, and the heart ache she experienced during that time She then tells about how she began her missions to Africa She is truly an inspiring and admirable woman I love reading about the children she met and war torn country s They experienced such horrors in their young lives But tho [...]

  • love like Jesus, deepest joy via deepest pain, cry with those served, story of gospel and Jesus, purpose over pain, need to live in loving way, dance as slave set free, emotionally depressed people US, will do something, Exile Intl, art therapy as dance and sing for children soldier rehab, despair when no purpose, leaders of forgiveness, resilience and forgiveness better than US, we will not be silent, do necessary and possible, a normal life or missionary life, look at help individual not mas [...]

  • Reading this book changed me She starts out by giving background about her life and how she was in search of an important purpose God brings her to Africa where children need her expertise in psychology She heals these unfortunate ones with art therapy In the book, illustrations are shown of how the children begin and continue the healing process through art The stories told will change the way you think and believe about war torn Africa Although it is tragic the people demonstrate true bravery [...]

  • This is an amazing story of a woman who overcame her own suffering to reach out and help others She still battles anxiety and depression yet helps children survivors of war torn African countries She went on a short term mission trip that changed her life Seeing women who had been raped and orphaned children, she knew she had to do something But what would one woman do It turns out, quit a bit She uses her training to design and offer long term restoration to children traumatized by war This is [...]

  • I wish I could give half stars I d give a solid 3.5 This book, I struggled with it a bit The action of providing therapy to children who used to be child soldiers, and those who survived the Haitian earth quake, that s a great story But the praise Jesus God that was a bit over done And all of section 1, where she talked about having drama in her life, which she wouldn t describe just hang out in front of the reader yeah, we could ve just done with out that, or with the whole story But, lets focu [...]

  • This was a painful and agonizing book to read It is well worth reading, but don t expect to enjoy it The work done by the author and others like her is inspiring and hopeful, but the horror, brutality and cruelty that causes the damage that they are trying to address and heal is so horribly shocking that it is almost beyond immagining Several years ago I read the book A Long Time Gone also nonfiction that introduced me to this situation It was shocking and heart wrenching, but this was even so [...]

  • Testament to the power of healing, reconciliation, and forgiveness through God s grace in the lives of former child soldiers and slaves in Africa The book was written by Bethany Haley Williams, founder of Exile International While the trials and tribulations of Ms Williams ultimately led to her founding of Exile, I would have preferred less info on her personal life and on the background of the children whose lives she has been instrumental in transforming.

  • I cannot say enough good things about this book, Bethany Haley Williams, and the work of Exile International in Uganda and the DRC If you want to know what the real struggles are in these areas and the real repercussions of rebel groups in Africa and, honestly, what it looks like to have than just pity on people who have suffered read this It is inspiring.

  • Beautifully writtenBethany tells the stories children affected by warories of hope, forgiveness, and love I was unaware of horrible acts of war innocent children must face every day This book highlights their struggles and victories Highly recommended

  • It is so easy to shut yourself off to pain and suffering around the world This book about child soldiers, victims of the Lord s Resistance Army, was heartbreaking but also hopeful The power of love is so much stronger than we know.

  • This non fiction book is very heart wrenching Bethany tells some of her own story of brokenness and how God has brought her full circle in order to help provide healing and grace to children who have been affected by severe war related trauma in Africa.

  • A book that demonstrates that s with the Lords grace , mercy and love a life can be turned from anguish to awe inspiring.

  • LOVED reading this book Bethany s organization is doing amazing work with organizations, people and places that are so very close to my heart.

  • Heartbreakingly beautiful The amount of joy and hope these little ones have in light of their circumstances is astounding Such an encouraging read

  • I read to page 165 and could not get into it The base of the book is all about how God helped her through her journey to help others Not my mind of book at all.

  • Wow We can not forget that we live a privileged life in a very free nation In Africa wars rage and children are left orphaned and many times made to be participants Great read

  • When your greatest heartache becomes your greatest ministry, grace comes full circle The Color of Grace by Bethany Haley Williams is a poignant, at times gut wrenching, convicting and captivating story of one woman s journey to redemption not only for herself, but also for hundreds of children in war torn countries Bethany Haley begins her book by telling of her own personal journey to redemption A well respected counselor, Bethany enjoyed a successful career and ministry Eventually, though, aft [...]

  • This book is a story of hope a quest for one broken woman to follow God s calling to Africa to bring healing and restoration to former child soldiers It s proof that all things are possible with God Having travelled to the border of the DRC, I could imagine the land, the layout and the children, who in the midst of their sorrow and shame, found redemption and forgiveness through Jesus When Beth writes about the physical poverty but spiritual wealth there, it totally resonated with me The most jo [...]

  • Can you say that you like a book about the atrocities of war, especially when stories are told of children who are killed or kidnapped and manipulated out of fear to do unimaginable things to ones they love Not really you can not like such a book Nevertheless, you can be glad you read it and you can encourage friends and family to read it We can not begin to make our world a better place for all if we do not know the challenges we face.Bethany is an amazing person with an amazing passion for chi [...]

  • It isn t so much about how well written the book was, but about how it challenged It not only challenged my beliefs, but my moral standing, my past, my beliefs about my past and my ideas on how to use my experiences to help others It was challenging in realizing how little I knew about these children and their countries history, how little thought I had ever given them, etc It certainly changed my perspective on many things Highly recommendable

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