The Tomb

The Tomb Much to the chagrin of his girlfriend Gia Repairman Jack doesn t deal with electronic appliances he fixes situations for people often putting himself in deadly danger His latest project is recoveri
  • Title: The Tomb
  • Author: F. Paul Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780812580372
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Paperback
  • Much to the chagrin of his girlfriend, Gia, Repairman Jack doesn t deal with electronic appliances he fixes situations for people, often putting himself in deadly danger His latest project is recovering a stolen necklace, which carries with it an ancient curse that may unleash a horde of Bengali demons Jack is used to danger, but this time Gia s daughter Vicky is threateMuch to the chagrin of his girlfriend, Gia, Repairman Jack doesn t deal with electronic appliances he fixes situations for people, often putting himself in deadly danger His latest project is recovering a stolen necklace, which carries with it an ancient curse that may unleash a horde of Bengali demons Jack is used to danger, but this time Gia s daughter Vicky is threatened Can Jack overcome the curse of the yellow necklace and bring Vicky safely back home
    The Tomb By F. Paul Wilson,
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    Francis Paul Wilson is an author, born in Jersey City, New Jersey He writes novels and short stories primarily in the science fiction and horror genres His debut novel was Healer 1976 Wilson is also a part time practicing family physician He made his first sales in 1970 to Analog and continued to write science fiction throughout the seventies In 1981 he ventured into the horror genre with the international bestseller, The Keep, and helped define the field throughout the rest of the decade In the 1990s he became a true genre hopper, moving from science fiction to horror to medical thrillers and branching into interactive scripting for Disney Interactive and other multimedia companies He, along with Matthew J Costello, created and scripted FTL Newsfeed which ran daily on the Sci Fi Channel from 1992 1996cmillan author fpaulw


  • All she could do was stand there and scream.Indeed This book has a good number of things going for it I particularly enjoyed the characterization of Repairman Jack There are also some Lovecraftian references that fans will recognize Striding down the dark passage like the avatar of a vengeful god, came Jack.I can imagine that followers of the Agent Pendergast series Relic , the Charlie Parker series Every Dead Thing or the Harry Dresden series Storm Front would enjoy this, especially considering [...]

  • YES A great series like the Dresden Files , Simon Green s Nightside etc A nice break from all the romance y stuff I ve been reading lately Really great lead, interesting protagonist and storyline I really love this series and will read many

  • Harry Dresden without magic and violent and Horror than Urban Fantasy Repairman Jack takes on jobs that require vigilante justice fixing problems in a way that the usual law enforcement and judiciary can t.Excellent pacing Believable ish story Scary monsters Some genuine suspenseful moments A step up from book one The Keep.4 StarsPS I don t know why this book is called The Tomb There is no Tomb

  • I have a new best friend and his name is Repairman Jack.With a style reminiscent of Travanian or John D MacDonald, F Paul Wilson describes the urban fantasy equivalent of his off the grid anti hero Wilson also demonstrates his libertarian values in a protagonist that would make Poul Anderson or Heinlein proud.While this can be seen as a far out version of a Travis McGee adventure, urban and contemporary fantasy fans will be drawn to its supernatural qualities Jack is on the trail of an ancient I [...]

  • The only book I have read in the Repairman Jack series, and, I think, the last.Repairman Jack is a below the radar fixit guy that repairs problems for people Although he s supposed to be cool and dangerous, he comes across as kind of an idiot man child to me He has all these ridiculous methods for keeping his identity secret yet he invites a strange woman up to his apartment early on in the book He goes to the same bar every single time to interview clients and shops at the same store near his h [...]

  • I was going to give this three stars, but I realize it deserves I think I heard it raved about so much that I expected to like it Had I gone into The Tomb with lower expectations, I would have no hesitation in rating it higher That is why I hate to read books after they are so hyped It just spoils the experience.Repairman Jack is just an awesome character He is a person who exists outside of the system He simply dropped off the grid He doesn t pay taxes, and he doesn t feel like he owes the sy [...]

  • The Tomb , by F Paul Wilson, is the SECOND book in his Adversary Cycle series and the FIRST book in his Repairman Jack series.This novel introduces New Yorker Repairman Jack, a man with no permanent last name it varies with the ID he s carrying at the time and no records of his existence he either had them erased or doesn t reference them at all any His job is to fix things that the police can t or won t fix Sometimes this involves hurting or killing people, which is why his ex girlfriend, Gia, [...]

  • Some years ago I read The Keep My wife liked it some, I on the other hand wasn t all that impressed It was the last thing by Mr Wilson I readtill now A couple of years ago someone suggested to my wife and I that we try the Repairman Jack books, but I never got around to it.Till now.I ve got to say I liked this book It s not great literature in the classic sense you may hear that pronounced in a sophisticated accent if you wish This book started out as what might be called a fairly standard thril [...]

  • Jack is a fixer He fixing things Not your electronics, but real problems involving people and sometimes .Jack had a girlfriend Gia, who couldn t cope with who he was and what he did for a living and she left 2 months later she calls A relative of her ex husband has disappeared and they need his help.This makes Gia and Jack rub each other the wrong way even though they both still have feelings for each other.The story goes on with Jack investigating the kidnapping, but things take on a supernatur [...]

  • Repairman Jack a fix it guy who moves in unsavory circles Got a problem that doesn t involve the law community Jack is the guy.After losing his once in a lifetime gal, Gia, to his past, he becomes involved in finding an iron necklace for an Indian diplomat.We find a centuries old curse waiting for our hero This story moved extremely fast, with likable characters, and even the bad guys had honorable intentions.

  • I was excited to start this series about this mysterious character Repairman Jack Jack is a kind man with a little something extra, however, he feels the need to show himself to his family and friends as an underachiever and a bit of a thug He does this with the hope of hiding his peculiar profession When he is asked by an ex girlfriend to help find her missing Aunt he is also contacted by a very strange, foreign man, with deep pockets, who is desperate to have him find a stolen family heirloom [...]

  • 4.0 to 4.5 stars First of the Repairman Jack Novels This is a very well written story with a fantastic main character, namely Repairman Jack Not your normal everyday repairman, Jack fixes problems for people and he is very good at what he does Won t give away too much of the plot other than to say it has intrigue, Indian Mythology, demons and a rather nasty revenge curse thrown in for good measure Recommended.

  • Beginning a new series is always a dicey prospect for me Will it be my kind of series Will it become my newest temporary addiction, with me scrounging the net to find each and every book in the collection Will it cause me to begin fantasizing about what it d be like to exist within that universe With all these questions rattling about my head, it should be understandable that I was hesitant to begin the Repairman Jack series especially because I m loathe to begin a series that has not come to an [...]

  • A few weeks ago, I was wishing for another pulpy guilty pleasure series to read I m jonesing a bit, since it will be at least 4 months until the next Dresden fix, heh One of my IRL friends the same pusher that hooked me on Dresden has been trying to get me lit on Repairman Jack I caved in a moment of weakness.But It s pretty damn good I saw series, and assumed ditch I forgot that Wilson was already well established by the time he wrote The Tomb, and that the rest of the series was written in re [...]

  • Reading this book brings to mind other paranormal series involving male protagonists ie Jim Butcher s Harry Dresden series, Kevin Hearne s Iron Druid Chronicles and Rob Thurman s Cal Niko Leandros series I also couldn t help but notice that unlike the others who have supernatural powers, Repairman Jack is essentially human, with all the human frailties and limitations What Jack lacks in supernatural gifts found abundantly in Harry Dresden, Cal Leandros and Atticus Sullivan , he s supposed to mak [...]

  • 4 Stars I really enjoyed this Urban Fantasy that is the start to the Repairman Jack series It seems that I really enjoy this genre when it is not centered on teenage romance and angst Wilson has created a main character in Jack that I can really get behind The world that he has created is very much like our own but with just a little bit .The highlights of this read is the page turning writing style The awesome hero Jack And the fabulous Indian folklore and creature that is at the heart of this [...]

  • 3.5 stars but I m rounding up to 4 because that s what I would have given it if I d read it with 1984 sensibilities which was when it was published It was that era when only lip service was given to equality It was accepted that women were equal and strong and smart but all that meant was having them say a few smart things or show interest in what was going on or just having femal characters The same went for people of color We weren t there yet for any other minority groups.So Wilson s women ar [...]

  • So I realize this book was originally published in 1984 It s a little dated This copy has Author s Definitive Edition across the cover and This revised edition was previously published in 2004 as Rakoshi by Borderlands Press on the copyright page this paperback edition was published in 2006 Repairman Jack books have been popping up on my radar for a few years now, and I ve been wanting to read the first in the series to see if I want to dive in I like the premise.The writing can be florid at tim [...]

  • This was my first and THE first Repairman Jack book, and I really enjoyed it Well written and super exciting Repairman Jack isn t your average repairman He doesn t fix appliances or broken fences He fixes things for people who can t, or won t go to the regular authorities for help with problems Jack is the last resort for people who are desperate for help and have nowhere else to go.Jack doesn t exist as far as the normal world is concerned He doesn t have a bank account, a social security numbe [...]

  • The Tomb By F.Paul Wilson Repairman Jack book 1, Adversary cycle 3 448 pages Tor booksSo here is folks, were starting a journey here Little personal background before I start this review February 2010 I took a workshop for novelists called Borderlands There was an author who taught apart of the workshop on plotting named F.Paul Wilson I was already a fan thanks to Wilson s classic horror novel The Keep The reason he is teaching plotting is clear and this novel the Tomb is a good place to start t [...]

  • This is a re read To give you an idea of my opinion of the book, I have read this book a few times already As I was going through it again this time, the last ninety pages of the book came out of the binding as a chunk and landed on the table So I downloaded the book for my eReader and finished it that way I couldn t wait for it to be delivered to me and Barnes Noble, while sort of close, isn t really convenient.This is the first book of the Repairman Jack series and the second book in the Adver [...]

  • This book is the second in Wilson s Adversary Cycle I wasn t sure what to expect when I started this but it was really really fun I really enjoyed the story Here you have to look past character development, believable plotline, depth and range of evoked emotionc etcd just have some fun with it and let yourself go.The story line is something along these lines Repairman Jack is a man with no legal identity SSN, no car, no license, no nothing He is much like the Equalizer, the guy on television a f [...]

  • Repairman Jack is my kinda guy He wears classic rock t shirts, eats sugary cereals for breakfast, and adores kitschy old black and white horror films He also solves people s problems for them which, of course, is what makes him the Repairman.In THE TOMB, Jack s ex lover asks him to track down a missing family member Sounds simple enough, right Well, not when you throw an ancient curse, a pack of monsters, a homicidal U.N diplomat, and some magical jewelry into the mix.If it s deep, soul searchin [...]

  • This was my introduction to the Repairman Jack seres Amazing detail, the story really pulls you in and the characters are well written I definitely had a huge sense of anticipation and excitement as every page turned I have since read a second in the series, Hosts Looking forward to reading

  • First of the Repairman Jack series Jack lives off the grid and works to fix problems that others cannot, usually the police He is drawn into two cases, which quickly become intertwined the theft of a necklace of a UN diplomat s mother and the disappearance of his ex girlfriend s spinster aunt Involving the desecration of a Bengalese temple and rakoshi, retribution is the theme here A bit far fetched, but Jack rules.

  • Oh, wow, this book was fantastic Unfortunately I was meant to be reading it with a very good friend here on GR and oops, I got carried away and started finished before I should have sorry, Jeremy But once I picked this book up I was loathe to put it down Thank you ScottK for loving this book so much and talking about it, you ve now started me on a weird and wonderful ride with Repairman Jack This series is quite a long one so I had better get to purchasing those books.

  • did not finish, left off at about 60% This book was just not for me which surprised me because I really liked Midnight Mass.I thought it was a little slow and for whatever reason the character just didn t grab me Think I ll stick to his horror books.

  • This one will be hard to review It is a bit Urban Fantasy, a bit horror and a crime thriller At times it was average while at other times it was downright interesting It is like a Harry Dresden without the wizard powers although Repairman Jack was first so its not a fair comparison Review to Follow

  • I believe this was the second book by Wilson Also good, although I think I liked the Keep somewhat better I remember about The Keep.

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