This House is Haunted

This House is Haunted Eliza Caine arrives in Norfolk to take up her position as governess at Gaudlin Hall on a dark and chilling night As she makes her way across the station platform a pair of invisible hands push h
  • Title: This House is Haunted
  • Author: John Boyne
  • ISBN: 9780857520920
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 1867 Eliza Caine arrives in Norfolk to take up her position as governess at Gaudlin Hall on a dark and chilling night As she makes her way across the station platform, a pair of invisible hands push her from behind into the path of an approaching train She is only saved by the vigilance of a passing doctor.When she finally arrives, shaken, at the hall she is greeted by1867 Eliza Caine arrives in Norfolk to take up her position as governess at Gaudlin Hall on a dark and chilling night As she makes her way across the station platform, a pair of invisible hands push her from behind into the path of an approaching train She is only saved by the vigilance of a passing doctor.When she finally arrives, shaken, at the hall she is greeted by the two children in her care, Isabella and Eustace There are no parents, no adults at all, and no one to represent her mysterious employer The children offer no explanation Later that night in her room, a second terrifying experience further reinforces the sense that something is very wrong.From the moment she rises the following morning, her every step seems dogged by a malign presence which lives within Gaudlin s walls Eliza realises that if she and the children are to survive its violent attentions, she must first uncover the hall s long buried secrets and confront the demons of its past
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    John Boyne born 30 April 1971 in Dublin is an Irish novelist.He was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, and studied Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia, where he won the Curtis Brown prize In 2015, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Letters by UEA.John Boyne is the author of ten novels for adults and five for young readers, as well as a collection of short stories His novels are published in over 50 languages The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, which to date has sold than 7 million copies worldwide, is a 1 New York Times Bestseller and a film adaptation was released in September 2008 Boyne resides in Dublin He is represented by the literary agent Simon Trewin at WME in London, United Kingdom.His most recent publication is the novel The Heart s Invisible Furies , published in the UK in February 2017 It will be published in the USA in August.


  • There is something about fall and winter that puts me in the mood to read spooky books I soooooooooo love cuddling up with a good ghostory.1867 London After the loss of her father 21 year old, plain Jane Eliza Caine accepts the position of governess at Gaudlin Hall, in Norfolk.but no one is there to greet her upon her arrival which seems rather strange to Eliza The next morning her creepy little wards the Westerly children Isabella 12 and Eustace 8, are present and accounted forbut still no adul [...]

  • this book is available for spooky month pssst spoiler alert THIS HOUSE IS HAUNTED i made the mistake of reading blair s review of this before trying to write my own one, it is much better than anything i could attempt and two, she saw something in this book that i did not and it has kind of clouded my impressions and judgments of the book and made me think that maybe i missed the point here is a link to hers so you can read how it should be done review show until i read hers, to my mind this was [...]

  • What do you get if you mix Rebecca and The Turn of the Screw with a dash of Jane Eyre and a pinch of Dickens The answer is This House is Haunted, a gloriously gothic confection revolving around you ll never guess a haunted house This actually IS a haunted house too, not some metaphorical type of haunting, although there s also an element of humour to the proceedings, which serves to set this story apart from the many historical ghost stories it could be compared to.In 1867, a young woman, Eliza [...]

  • Where are you But answer came there none Eliza Caine may have found the answer to her question at some point, but unfortunately, I never found mine as to why I was expecting so much from this ghost storyA story that tried too hard to include many Gothic tropes, to appear scary and intellectual at the same time, but eventually fell flat on all levels, in my opinion But for the sympathetic protagonist, the intriguing children and some scarce glimpses of a remotely creepy atmosphere, I would have r [...]

  • I blame Charles Dickens for the death of my father So begins John Boyne s gothic tale of a young woman, Eliza Crane, suddenly alone in mid 1800s London Orphaned at twenty one, and forced to leave home, she answers a rather cryptic advertisement for a governess position in a mansion, Gaudlin Hall, in Norfolk.A brooding house, a series of mishaps, unanswered queries and the non appearance of the parents make for a puzzling arrival for Eliza, not to mention the two sweet but precocious children she [...]

  • This was a haunted house story so Dickensian in style, Dickens himself is a catalyst within I listened to the audio version, narrated by Alison Larkin I enjoyed this story of Eliza Caine attempting to fulfill her position as governess to two children, in a house almost falling down due to disrepair How she got there and her attempt to keep the children safe I will leave for you to discover I liked the style of the storytelling and I enjoyed the character of Eliza, though at times she seemed too [...]

  • Really, NPR one of the best books of 2013 Ugh This House is Haunted is absolutely, positively, irrefutably NOT one of the best books of 2013, and the fact that it made NPR s list disappoints me.Attempting to write in Dickensian prose, John Boyne has indeed penned a ghost story, only it isn t an especially good one.First and foremost, the main character Eliza Caine, a twenty one year old teacher who applies for a position as governess following the loss of her father and sole family only to find [...]

  • This is what I would call a good old traditional ghost story Large austere house checkTragic circumstances checkMoody weather checkFrightening children checkMystery surrounding what the hell is happening here checkAnd it is brilliantly done I absolutely LOVE the main character Eliza Caine who has a good amount of wit about her and doesn t do damsel in distress She is the best thing about the book a woman beyond her years in wisdom and for the time period in which the book is set She is a fighter [...]

  • In my opinion John Boyne is one of Ireland s most versertile writters I am rarly dispappointed when I pick up this author s novels andThis House Is Hauntedwas a haunting and very satisfying read.What makes a good Ghost stroy For me it has to be set in Victorian times, with an isolated country manor and unexplainable happenings and you have my interest.This house is haunted is set in Norfolk in a country house called Gaudin Hall Eliza Canine arrives to take up her position as Governess As she mak [...]

  • A quick glance at my GoodReads will confirm that I don t often give poor reviews But this book deserves one Despite this, I implore you to read it, for it is a book so bad it has to be read to be believed From the beginning, with it s picture perfect ghostly atmosphere, this book is pomp than plot, and entirely fur coat and no knickers Eliza Caine is painted as the ugly girl with the big heart Or at least she was supposed to be Her entire character falls as flat as John Boyne s attempt at horro [...]

  • What if a soul departs this life but is neither in heaven nor hell What if they remain This was a fantastic, old fashioned ghost story it was just the ticket for a mid October read to get me in the spirit of Halloween John Boyne effectively created a very eerie, atmospheric setting for this book which takes place in England during the year 1867 The prose is quite tantalizing and drew me right into the story I actually pictured each scene as if it were occurring in front of me on the big screen i [...]

  • 4.5 stars I thoroughly enjoyed this ghost story It was exactly what I was looking for atmospheric, British, well written, and as believable as books of this genre can be It wasn t too predictable and there was even a bit of a gotcha ending It loses half a star because the writing wasn t as stellar as I think books with a five star rating should be, and it was a bit predictable in places But overall, it gave me what I was expecting, which is what it s all about, for me I enjoyed it, and I d read [...]

  • I had been looking forward to reading this book, as I love a good ghost story, particularly those by M.R James I d read a favourable short review and the cover looked intriguing.What a disappointment The story is sadly lacking in originality, with Charlotte Bronte, Arthur Conan Doyle and Henry James all showing through its flimsy surface It starts promisingly but then lapses into gothic clich , with the heroine being offered a post as a governess at creepy Gaudlin Hall in the wilds of the countr [...]

  • Ok, I m happylly a good old fashioned nineteenth century ghost story How would you like to attend a book reading by DICKENS himself telling a spooky tale That is how this novel begins, and continues along in an unsettling manner for the new governess of Gaudlin Hall For Eliza Caine, the secrets of the past are slowly uncovered, but the presence in the old house reveals itself from day one and becomes increasingly violent as the story evolves.Not super scary, but still creepy good with a great en [...]

  • John Boyne s novel, This House is Haunted is an eerie tale set in London The story takes place in the mid 1800 s and centers around Gaudlin Hall Our main character, Eliza Caine, has recently lost her father and takes a position as the governess for the Westerly children From the moment Eliza arrives at the train station things start to happen that make her question her hasty decision to take on this new job.When Eliza mentions in passing that she will be taking up residence as the new governess [...]

  • A nice ghost storyThis is a nice old fashioned ghost story We don t get many like this any Good story, well written and likable characters.

  • Description 1867 On a dark and chilling night Eliza Caine arrives in Norfolk to take up her position as governess at Gaudlin Hall As she makes her way across the station platform, a pair of invisible hands push her from behind into the path of an approaching train She is only saved by the vigilance of a passing doctor.It is the start of a journey into a world of abandoned children, unexplained occurrences and terrifying experiences which Eliza will have to overcome if she is to survive the secre [...]

  • Well that one ticked every single box Spooky, historical fiction Simple story line, none of this to ing and fro ing that can sometimes get a bit tedious Ghosts, eerie children, old mansion and posh talk of the era, how fabulous

  • This house is clearly haunted So why stay there in this haunted, decaying, country estate For the sake of a good story, that s why 21 year old Eliza Caine is left parentless, optionless, and eventually homeless when coming across an ad in the newspaper for employment as a governess Her grief for losing her father, of which she blames on Charles Dickens, motivates her to leave work as a school teacher in hopes of finding a new beginning in Norfolk She just didn t anticipate her new beginning coul [...]

  • I have been in the mood for a good ghost story for quite some time.Unfortunately while this was okay, it wasn t a great book.I listened to the audiobook and the narrator did a great job of doing the voices I think I enjoyed it because of her.That being said I felt a little like the author spoon fed me a bit For example, he hammers home the coldness of the tap water, mentioning it twice in a few chapters I thought it odd at first, but then when he uses the character being burned by that same wat [...]

  • Although a haunted house with a governess and two young children is nothing new, this is a wonderful read for October The atmosphere is just scary enough, the back story all the authors own with a few unique touches A very young governess named Eliza Caine who is just wonderful Two children, a girl and boy, though it was the young boy that I loved A big old house with many secrets within and without and of course a mystery to solve Who is haunting this house and why The pace is quick and the jou [...]

  • Being the time of year for a nice cozy spooky read I was happy to have come across a nice Victorian ghost story and with the title alone being a complete spoiler I hoped for a nice read.This book is pretty standard Gothic novel from a haunted house, scary kids, and a poor overworked underpaid governess stuck cleaning up the whole mess Proving once again that the work of a governess is a never done b sucked royally and c needs better health and life insuranceIn Eliza Caine s case after the death [...]

  • So, that s that Easiest read I ve had this year And I don t mean that in a derogatory manner For this is a simple tale told simply, though the prose is decidedly top notch And it s not aspiring to anything other than what it is Classic horror told in the most classic of ways Which totally works for me Being a fan of The Woman in Black , The Awakening , Wolfman , and similar other old school films, I find that This House is Haunted could easily be a film in the same vein This would make a great c [...]

  • Eliza Caine is a young woman, who lives in London with her father He works in a museum and she teaches in a school for girls their lives uneventful but happy However, when her father dies suddenly, Eliza decides on impulse to answer a newspaper advertisement for a governess in Norfolk To her surprise, she is offered the post with what seems great haste and, almost before she has time to consider, she is on a train and leaving her old life behind However, on arrival at the fog shrouded station, u [...]

  • Poor character development, poor pacing, no suspense Reads like a YA book If the heroine shows no fear of what s happening, why should the reader be scared

  • Excellent old fashioned Victorian ghosty tale I couldn t put it down today, and even paused Downton Abbey just to finish it.

  • At the death of her father, plump, plain Eliza Caine at 21 finds herself in the common situation of 19th century English girls of good breeding but little money With no real skills, Eliza s only prospects are marriage or teaching Earning little at a day school, Eliza thinks her prayers have been answered when she secures a better position as governess to two children in Norfolk.Yet, almost immediately, Eliza begins to reconsider She nearly suffers a fatal accident en route to her new abode And w [...]

  • How s this for perfect timing The American release of this book is just around the corner, just in time for Halloween My thanks to Other Press for an ARC of this book, although I had actually preordered my own copy some time back This House is Haunted incorporates a number of my favorite components, including a Victorian setting, a governess, an English country home, and of course, a ghost that has the run of the house and goes around scaring people half to death or worse As in many well written [...]

  • This fantastic, Victorian style ghost story takes place in England, 1867 After the tragic loss of her only remaining relative, Eliza Caine applies for the position of governess at Gaudlin Hall Although the advertisement is especially vague as to the details, Eliza is so unsettled at this point that she simply jumps at the chance to get away and start her life anew.She finds herself greeted by her two charges, Isabella, and her younger brother, Eustace There is an ominous absence of adults on the [...]

  • I feel a bit mean giving this book one star, but I was expecting something that would stop me sleeping it was so creepy Unfortunately it was a bit flat and even boring in places.Why on earth you would stay in this house even if the children were adorable The writer tried but couldn t pull off a female voice Why are women in horror so one dimensional The damsel in distress or the raging psychopath there s nothing in between Why the sexual tension with the lawyer it came to nothing and felt as if [...]

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