The First Judgement

The First Judgement Messiah Chronicles of Brothers
  • Title: The First Judgement
  • Author: Wendy Alec
  • ISBN: 9780955237737
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Messiah Chronicles of Brothers 2
    The First Judgement By Wendy Alec,
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      Wendy Alec

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  • Wendy Alec

    Writer, TV producer, and film maker, the head of GOD TV and a director of WarBoys Entertainment She has written several books, including the epic fantasy series, Chronicles of Brothers She co founded GOD TV in 1995 1 and is the network s President and CEO.


  • A really great book, both deep in its insights and a page turner as well I can see where some people may have difficulty with some of the theology since Ms Alec appears to be Charismatic than Dispensationalist I decided to just let it go and enjoy the overall novel as an excellent work of fiction, since none of us have all the answers or there wouldn t be so many denominations Okay, I do not believe God personally related to John Nelson Darby all the details on how the prophecy of Revelation is [...]

  • I gave this book 5 stars as opposed to the other books in this series, not because it is better written, but because its tale is well spoken It is the story of Christ and His love for us from beginning to end If you have always had a problem understanding how much God loves us and what his life, death, and resurrection truly meant for everyone on Earth, then read this book.The writing is awkward in a few places where Alec could truly use a proofreader to go through and correct some grammar possi [...]

  • I am LOVING this series, but I have a hard time with heavy description It was monotonous, not because of Wendy Alec s writings, but because I already knew the stories However, the next book, Son Of Perdition, would be somewhat disconnected if this one is not read, and the next book is a doozy Get through it It is very good I will say that the crucifiction scene mmm I am nodding my head right now in sweet approval very intense and touching And Jesus KICKED it when he overcame death, hell, and the [...]

  • My review of the second book in this series is largely the same as the first Let me begin by saying that if you liked the first book you will probably like the second Alec s descriptions of the first and second heavens are a little over the top for me,but I understand that she s trying to describe an unearthly place in earthly terms I also thought her introduction and development of the De Vere family as a storyline was a little clunky I really had to concentrate to follow the story That being s [...]

  • Wow, this one was even better than the first in the trilogy While being so intriguing in a fictional way, and continuing to develop characters that I was getting attached to, it also gave me such a different perspective of what Christ dying and rising really meant What it might have been like for him I ve only ever heard vague references preached about how awful it must have been, but this made it somehow tangible to feel a tiny bit, to understand, to be overcome with a new realization of His lo [...]

  • I enjoy this book series I honestly do But this book was a drag to read Little attention to the plot and to the gaudy landscapes of heaven and hell It took me about three weeks to get 3 4 of the way through it, and then I had to put it on the shelf for a few months before finishing again If you already read The Fall of Lucifer, and want to continue with the series then great But TFoL can stand on its own if you choose.

  • Book Two RivetingWendy Alec does not disappoint Lucifer strikes with his increasingly evil kingdom and it s ravenous bloodthirsty hordes, but Jesus, King of the universe, never misses a step to outwit every battle plan of Satan.

  • Even better than the first, this book totally revolutionised the way I see the story of Jesus It became totally real and incredibly powerful Absolutley brilliant book

  • Great read Beautifully written series of books which easily rival and surpass the best of the fantasy sagas of our modern erra Even though this is work of fiction and seems to be a fantasy fairytale it is in actual fact based upon the real truth underlying our existence upon this earth.

  • What a difference, I actually liked this book It is way better than the first book in the series I actually wanted to keep reading when I needed to sleep.I wonder if the third book will surpass this one or maybe fall back to the level of the first one.I don t think I would recommend the first book but I might recommend this one, depending on the interests of the person.

  • A book that suffered from a lack of nuanced and interesting characters with both the villains and heroes being far too black and white for my liking The writing style was frustrating with a huge emphasis on telling but not really showing when it came to the characters emotions and the dialogue was some of the worst I ve ever read I feel this book could have been something really special if Wendy Alec had of gotten herself a competent editor Will not be reading the third book for quite some time. [...]

  • This was so great to me I really enjoyed it better than book one As a Christian, the story of Jesus came to life for me in a new way and made me fall in love with Him even There were so many moments in this book that were soo powerful The temptation of Christ in the desert, and of coarse the crucifixion and the three days in the grave resurrection were definitely stood out the most I thought the way she tells the story, though we know parts are her taking liberties with it, just really makes se [...]

  • Another hard time but, I decided to gave it 3 stars this time And not for the Lucifer Michael Gabriel story This book it s a little better than the first one It still has all this biblical attempt of story, the weird part of the book Weird and bad Really bad At least for me, it has nothing interesting In fact, I found it increasingly ridiculous I suppose that, if I was a religious person, I would find the biblical aspect of this a little interesting But I m not So, I can only focus on the bad d [...]

  • The First Judgment is the second book in Wendy Alec s Christian saga that I was blown away by I never had a book that could transform the few Biblical references of Heaven and legend into a powerful action adventure with characters that I would want to follow book after book Even though I differ a little on the theology behind the universe and basically know how the story would play out, I still read.The First Judgement continues the legacy of action and adventure, although the action is subtle [...]

  • Messiah was a chore to get through, quite honestly This book is big, too big and it varies dramatically from book 1 Whereas The Fall of Lucifer is almost entirely based in the past before the titular fall, Messiah is based in the past Jesus timeline and the future new world order timeline I didn t like any of the future timeline characters, and couldn t figure out who was supposed to be who in the symbolism, which bothered me.While the prose this time wasn t as gaudy as Fall, there were still mo [...]

  • Wendy Alec s The First Judgement brings the fiction writer s art to the true story of Jesus defeat of Satan at Calvary The style, however, with an excess of adjectives and prose that needed tightening up, often interrupted the enjoyment The scenes set in Biblical times were compelling than the contemporary ones, which seemed to struggle to merit their passage on board the novel That said, there was treasure in the pages, and I was frequently blessed by Alec s imagination in evoking scenes that [...]

  • I had a hard time getting into Messiah There are so many characters and details to keep track of I found it slow going and it took me awhile to read I would give this book 3 stars for that reason But the last 1 3 of the book compelled me to move it up to 4 stars Wendy Alec s descriptions of the crucifixion, Jesus 3 days in Hades, and the resurrection are deeply moving a brilliant piece of writing that will stick with me for a long time Wading through the first bit of cumbersome details is worth [...]

  • I love this series The language is absolutely beautiful, making me want to step through the Ruby Door in the First Heaven It reconciles the action that was happening in heaven from the coming of Jesus Christ until his crucifiction, and just after Amazing Can t wait to get into the third book FYI First book in this series is also a gorgeous piece of literature.

  • If you can keep perspective that this is fictional, this is an entertaining book There was one point that I was put off by something that seemed questionable theology and then it ended up being a plot twist Once I got past that, I realized I was really enjoying the book I am looking forward to the next in the series.

  • Messiah The First Judgement was a compelling book with a great story line As it starts with the story of Jesus birth, you get to read what it was like for an angel to guard this little king from Lucifer, the fallen angel, or also known as Satan As Satan tempts and tries the growing Messiah, you see how Jesus overcame the forces of evil.

  • Good continuation from The first book in the series The Fall of Lucifer which I could only put down to pray because of the spiritual revelations revealed to me while reading the book I wasn t as engaged with this book but I do feel that it was an integral piece to move the story along in the series and I m looking forward to reading the next book.

  • One of the things that grabbed me in this book and made me stop and think was Wendy s description of the crucifixion To think about theists of the world, past, present and future poured out on Jesus, and then to have at he judgement of God poured out on Him, I cannot think of feeling lane than Jesus must have felt on the cross.

  • If you love Biblical and historical fiction combineden this is the book for you I haven t read book one or books 3 4 yet but I m looking forward to beginning and continuing the story We all know how the story is going to endbut the fun part is seeing it played out in the text There s going on in the earthly heavenly realm then we realize

  • This book was a little mature than the first, but still rather simplistic Ms Alec seems to forget that we as Christians can handle complex writing styles Great story just wish the writing weren t quite so flowery.

  • Love the whole series but scripture doesn t back a pre Trib rapture Also, Alec seems to be super right winged and very Eurocentric when describing the characters Seems like all the angels come from Europe I looked past those things and other than that this is some good stuff.

  • I loved the first one and couldn t put it down, I was anxious for the second, yet it wasnt as fast paced and stormy with intrigue as the other I m looking forward to the next one and hopefully it will tie up some loose ends in the second book.

  • This is the second in an amazing trilogy that causes you to think about the unseen world and spiritual battle I highly recommend this series so far The author is a bit wordy, but I think these two books are must reads.

  • wow i wept for weeks at the mention of Jesus after reading this book I read all four gospels for the first time in my ten years as a Christian because of what He showed me through this fiction book my thought was if fiction can mess me up this much, I HAVE to know the truth

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