The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppett

The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppett Origami Yoda has used his Jedi wise advice to help the kids at McQuarrie Middle School conquer all sorts of enemies from dull school dances to embarrassing water stains But this semester Dwight Tom
  • Title: The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppett
  • Author: Tom Angleberger
  • ISBN: 9781419708589
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Origami Yoda has used his Jedi wise advice to help the kids at McQuarrie Middle School conquer all sorts of enemies, from dull school dances to embarrassing water stains But this semester, Dwight, Tommy, Sara, and the gang must face their deadliest enemy yet the FunTime Education System Meant to raise standardized test scores, the mind numbing videos of Professor FunTimOrigami Yoda has used his Jedi wise advice to help the kids at McQuarrie Middle School conquer all sorts of enemies, from dull school dances to embarrassing water stains But this semester, Dwight, Tommy, Sara, and the gang must face their deadliest enemy yet the FunTime Education System Meant to raise standardized test scores, the mind numbing videos of Professor FunTime and his singing calculator are driving everybody crazy And worse yet, to make time for FunTime, all electives drama, art, band have been canceled Naturally, the kids turn to Origami Yoda for help, but her tells them that this enemy is far too strong for him to fight alone If they want to get their favorite classes back, they must form a Rebel Alliance Soon dozens of kids, each with his or her own origami puppet, join the Alliance But will the Force be with them or will they be defeated by the FunTime menace
    The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppett By Tom Angleberger,
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    Tom Angleberger artist turned writer He is a columnist for the Roanoke Times in Roanoke, Virginia, and began work on his first book while in middle school Tom is married to author illustrator Cece Bell He lives in Christianburg, Virginia.


  • When Tom Angleberger gets it right, he really gets it right After The Strange Case of Origami Yoda was touted as a dark horse contender for the 2011 Newbery awards, I read it and was impressed The humor, setting, characters, story, and emotion were pitch perfect, culminating in one special night at the school dance for these sixth graders, some of whom were beginning to like each other as than friends It s a richly rewarding middle grade novel, worthy of Newbery recognition had the committee de [...]

  • I love this series The first book I found very touching and funny sweet So much fun, in fact, that I couldn t wait to share it with my son, who was 9 at the time And since our first exposure to Dwight and the gang, we ve eagerly awaited each book, reading them together and separately but always discussing the jokes and talking about the dilemmas.The SURPRISE ATTACK OF JABBA THE PUPPETT, however, is the first book that has left me pondering what score to give It s not that there aren t absolutely [...]

  • According to Tom Angleberger s website, before becoming a successful author and illustrator, he was a journalist and a biology research assistant Nowhere in his bio does it say that he was a teacher This I do not believe There is no way that Angleberger would be able to so accurately portray the horrors of high stakes testing had he never been in the academic trenches, watching insightful lesson plans, electives, and, yes, critical thinking get steamrollered by the latest drill and kill scheme b [...]

  • I LOVED THIS BOOK BUT ALSO BECUSE THIS HAPPENED Me it took me 4 hours to get herem wow sighns books get on the stage wow okayter in the car ride home my dad I got a email from tom what doesit say dad reading for making up for all the time you spent in that jeep nick will be in Jabba the puppet note the email did say that but just in a other way rest of school summer later after I read book im nick the inturupting cheeto

  • It s great, just as fun as the previous booksbut there s no ending It stops and says to be continued Lame, particularly considering the cost of hardback books these days Check this one out of the library.

  • This book was kind of different from the other books because Jabba the puppet was introduced at the very end, but in the other books the origami was introduced a little after the beginning Mr Howell is the one who made Jabba the puppet and he actually likes Star Wars Ms Rabbski also knows and likes Star Wars In this book Tommy, Dwight and everyone formed an origami alliance They made this group to stop this thing called Funtime Funtime got rid of like, all the fun stuff at McQuarrie middle schoo [...]

  • I Liked This Book Because It Had More Interesting Themes Than The Other Origami Yoda Books I Enjoyed How The Middle School s Learning Program Called Funtime Was Evil To The Students I Enjoyed This Book Would Recommend For Middle School Students And Sci Fi Fans.Good Book.

  • This book is about a group of kids in middle school who are big fans of Star Wars They face a problem at there school though There evil principal, Ms.Rabbiski, started a new program for the students called FunTime The problem is, is that it consists of two horrible singing actors All the two actors do is sing about how to do 4 4 and other easy math problems that the group of kids already know There leader, Dwight A.K.A Captain Dwight, made an origami Yoda to star a Rebellion, giving each kid an [...]

  • I m the mother of two boys 10 and 9 years old One is an avid reader and one isn t, but I read as part of their bedtime ritual and search far and wide to find books all of us will enjoy Enter Tom Angleberger s Origami Yoda series The man is a genius middle grade kids, a mystery, Star Wars, and origami There s something in there for everyone Oh, and they re hysterical.In book four of the Origami Yoda series, THE SURPRISE ATTACK OF JABBA THE PUPPET, Tommy, Mike, Dwight and the gang are back, and th [...]

  • In book 4, the students at McQuarrie are leading an Origami Rebel Alliance against the FunTime Menace, a supplemental educational program that s replaced their extra curricular classes in order to boost the school s failing standardized test scores By the end the students realize their Principal isn t the true enemy as she s just following what the school board sayswho s following the state governmentwho s following the federal government Which leads to the next book in the series I m interested [...]

  • This semester, Dwight and his gang of followers face their worst enemy yet the FunTime menace At the behest of the out of touch school board, FunTime has been introduced at McQuarrie to raise standardized test scores PREP time is installed in place of all the school s electives, where students watch mind numbing videos of Professor FunTime and his singing calculator, instead of exploring music, art, and drama How can the students fight the FunTime menace and restore their favorite classes Origam [...]

  • One of my favorite middle grade reads is Frindle A story about a kid who bucks authority by calling a pen a frindle, I always thought that the book and most of Andrew Clements s school stories were way anti authority than teachers would accept Alas, Frindle is almost 20 years old, but The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppett has come at exactly the right time to carry that torch.The cynic in me thinks this is an attempt to stake out a certain place in the broader debates over Common Core and s [...]

  • I still like this series of books, but I enjoyed this one less than the earlier ones I felt overburdened by the multiple characters and points of view and had a hard time keeping them all straight Also, I completely get that the Star Wars references are a key theme in these books, but here, I found them overwhelming Just too many What I did like was the continued journal formatted storytelling, which does allow the use of multiple pov s in an effective manner I just think the author overuses thi [...]

  • October 2, 2013I read it ten months ago, but I didn t write a review, so then I didn t remember anything, which forced me to read the book again just to catch up with what s going on before I read Princess Labelmaker, but by the time I got around to it, the next book had to go back to the library So, kids, THIS is why you should keep track of your reading.Not that I mind a re read for the quality of the writing Angleberger strikes a good tone in these No, this particular volume in the series fil [...]

  • Yes Join him you must Only together can you withstand this enemy An origami alliance you need The students of McQuarrie Middle School are about to meet the Dark Side and it is FunTime FunTime is a canned test prep program that is replacing their electives, including art, drama, chorus, and even JV sports Why Because their standardized test scores have fallen Spurred on by Origami Yoda, the students form an alliance to fight this change Hilarious on the surface, but underneath it has very importa [...]

  • I love that I just happened to read this book right after the state letter grades came out that rated our schools It made me feel better already Angleberger shows us that the insanity that surrounds high stakes testing is hurtful to kids In this book, McQuarrie Middle School has eliminated all specials and field trips to roll out FUNTIME, a brain numbing program designed to raise test scores Dwight is back at McQuarrie, and he and Origami Yoda form the Rebel Alliance to try to bring creativity, [...]

  • This book was honestly disappointing I have read every book in this series and this book was not what I thought it would be This was mainly because the author portrayed the kids as naive five year olds evidence of this when Angleberger writes, Rabbski students who fail the test may be held back a year, at the discretion of the principle Tommy What does that mean 56 This proves my statement because these kids are in the eighth grade and they re pretty clever so the fact that they are represented [...]

  • An entertaining continuation of the seriesin which The students form the Origami Rebel Alliance to protest the school board s decision to eliminate electives from the curriculum until Standardized test scores improve The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppett is hilarious and will be an instant hit with many young readers.

  • Funny book, but I was a tad turned off by the increased number of s in the page margins I get that the author realizes adults read the books, but they re aimed at kids Keep em kid friendly, please and thank you.

  • Who knew that the person controlling a Jabba the Hutt puppet would be as ugly as the character itself Yo Leia, where are you We need ur help to choke the toad eating slug

  • All these books are fun, but I think this is my favorite since the original Loved the parents reactions the the FunTime learning video the kids are being forced to watch

  • I thought the book was pretty interesting because in a lot of the past series of this book there was origami Yoda, but now there are so many new characters added that origami Yoda isn t that important I really liked this book because Jabba the Hutt was named Jabba the Puppett and that is really funny to me I am also happy that Tommy made his own origami figure I really liked this book because not everything and everyone needed origami Yoda which was really exciting I really liked how Harvey made [...]

  • in this book the students at maquarie middle school rise an origami alliance to stop Professor Funtime and his animated calculator gizmo from sending repulsive videos of Funtime , the alliance come up with a plan to send rabiski there principal letter to warn her bout how they re goning to get rid of Funtime but instead they get sent to the office and rabiski calls their parents and tells them that they are interupting learning time with there origami jedi finger puppets in the middle of the mee [...]

  • Such a fun series It focuses on the theme of empathy, but there s plenty of gross humor and a variety of characters to appeal to a variety of readers Book five is the best, imo, because it gets really wise, as the kids learn that adults are people too Book six is odd like someone got called in from the bench to write it for Tom But if you don t stop after book one, you ll want to read them all, and to do so in order This review copied to all.

  • The books are getting so much stookier in Murky s words They re still middle grade, obviously, but there s an actual plot now, and it s one I kind of relate to How often have I been frustrated with how public school works and want to change it I mean, this isn t quite the same, but they re still trying to change things, and they re actually doing it, which is cool I m having fun with the series.

  • Libro muy entretenido como todos los de la serie, primero que no es autoconcluyente y deja en suspenso esperando a que el siguiente salga en espa ol, tiene algun giro de tuerca bastante inesperado, y eso se agradece.

  • This is a great funny book that was amazing also it had cool instructions i was sad when i read the last book in the series keep it up Tom

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