Othersphere I always wanted to know where I came from Now that knowledge could destroy me Dez thought she knew who her mother was who she was Thought she had friends a boy who loved her and a school where she
  • Title: Othersphere
  • Author: Nina Berry
  • ISBN: 9780758292384
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Paperback
  • I always wanted to know where I came from Now that knowledge could destroy me.Dez thought she knew who her mother was, who she was Thought she had friends, a boy who loved her, and a school where she finally fit in.But across the veil linking our world and the next lurks a monster which can annihilate.or liberate her Now she must confront it there with help from oneI always wanted to know where I came from Now that knowledge could destroy me.Dez thought she knew who her mother was, who she was Thought she had friends, a boy who loved her, and a school where she finally fit in.But across the veil linking our world and the next lurks a monster which can annihilate.or liberate her Now she must confront it there with help from one boy who loves her and one who can t stand the sight of her.Dez thought she understood her tiger form, her deepest self But in this treacherous place, she ll have to choose between the two halves of her soul and determine which world survives.
    Othersphere By Nina Berry,
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    Thanks so much for checking out my author page and my books I no longer check messages or friend requests here on , so please check out my website ninaberry for info or you d like to get in touch.____________________________________YA writer, redhead, bodysurfer, Nina is the author of THE NOTORIOUS PAGAN JONES, CITY OF SPIES and the OTHERKIN series Born in Honolulu, she now writes for teens from her secret lair in Hollywood.Learn at ninaberry, or you can find her on twitter Ninaberry and on Facebook at facebook writerninaberry.Nina is represented by Tamar Rydzinksi at Laura Dail Literary Agency.


  • After a disastrous meeting with Ximon and one of their own died, while another student left, Dez is kind of a mess She used to be the fearless leader who knew all of the answers, but now she is doubting even the littlest things When her birth parents keep crossing over to Earth by possessing humans around Dez, Dez realizes that she has to meet them and see who her birth parents really are But she also needs to see her home, the place she was born, to finally realize what she wants in life But to [...]

  • this is my review for the entire series because I read them all in one go I love the concept, I love how it starts out being a small hero s journey story and becomes something much largerbutI was super annoyed at the cheap fake love triangle put in there, the ableist overtones with the brace, the sort of you tried but not good enough First Nations rep, and how the main character could have so easily been Asian but nooo and I don t care that she s not technically human so why does it matter that [...]

  • I lost interest with this third book I enjoyed the first book The second book not as much and the third just totally couldn t hold my interest.

  • Originally posted at City of BooksThe finale of the Otherkin trilogy definitely does not disappoint It s action packed, riveting, and full of suspense I actually couldn t take my eyes off the pages I d really missed this world, and now I m sorry to have to say goodbye to it and to all the characters I love so much.Dez and the rest of the shifters encounter a new threat in this book one they ve met before He s from Othersphere, and extremely powerful Dez knows she has to stop him, but she has her [...]

  • I have so much to say about this book Othersphere brings us to the third instalment of the Otherkin trilogy Dez is with Lazar a character loathed up until the end of the second book who are we kidding We still hate him, he stole Dez from Caleb, and we all know Caleb is just, you know, better and totally still in love with Dez so adorable So here we are gripping the book a little too tightly as we try and accept this apparent love Dez has for Lazar whilst in your mind you re going pah, you still [...]

  • Review originally posted on my blog A Book ObsessionAs I look back over OTHERSPHERE, I realize that I m pretty torn on how I feel about it As a book in itself, it was pretty darn good It than kept my attention, and had plenty of action as well as great character moments However, as a series ending book I have to admit that rather underwhelmed to be honest Between the wishy washness of the love triangle and how it was resolved, to the final battle that just somehow seemed too easy considering th [...]

  • Originally posted to A Bookworm s Confessions Othersphere is the final book in the Otherkin trilogy and I really enjoyed it It wrapped up the loose ends from Othermoon and filled in any missing information We finally learn everything about Dez and her connection to the Othersphere, who her biological parents are, and who she ends up with At the end of Othermoon, Caleb left because he couldn t trust Dez after she met up with Lazar twice without telling anyone She was doing it for the right reason [...]

  • I wish for .I agree with everything that Nina says at the end of the book and try to do my part, Mother Nature is very upset And yes, I also loved this last book of the series hoping there s to come I m misinformed

  • Genre YA, Paranormal Rating 3 3.5 My Thoughts Othersphere is the third and final installment in the Otherkin series by Nina Berry Desdemona Dez Grey faces her most difficult and final challenge when she faces not only Ximon and the Tribunal, but also her own parents Orgoli Khutulun who have their own desires and goals when it comes to Dez staying on earth or returning to the Othersphere where she was born.Dez also faces another difficult choice between brothers Caleb and Lazar Lazar really picke [...]

  • Othersphere is the final installment in the Otherkin trilogy and a magnificent ending to Dez s story I was immediately sucked back into the world that the author created as soon as I started reading this book, and I didn t come up for air until I was finished There s a ton happening in this book, but it flows very well together and doesn t overwhelm or confuse the reader Dez continues to be a great leading lady realistic but with flaws such as self doubt I really loved her as the main character [...]

  • This is the final book in the Otherkin trilogy, and I m sad to say that this was actually my least favorite of the three I was pretty excited to start yet another adventure with all the shape shifters, but I just did not enjoy the plot of the book I felt like it dragged on too much, and I just didn t care for the plot that much compared to the characters themselves If you ve read my reviews of the first two, you would already know how much I really love the characters here Dez, the tiger shifter [...]

  • As an avid lover of books I do not personally believe in DNFing did not finish a book, but I do believe in CBLing come back later a book When CBLing a book I talk about three things Before, During, After Before is my anticipation of reading the book, During is how I felt while reading the book, After is the future prospects of the book for me Some books are just meant to be read in a particular time, manner, or place.Check out my full review at SleepsOnTablesCBL 1 Othersphere Otherkin 3 by Nina [...]

  • With all great series, there is excitement but a little sorrow at their conclusion Othersphere was a resplendent ending to a glorious adventure Of course, I was left still wanting Berry kept me on the edge of my seat with the romantic tension while giving me a resolution that I could support Perfect closure to a perfectly spectacular series Marvelous revelations are exposed Splendid and unexpected twist and turns highlight this non stop, suspense filled story line Thank you Ms Berry for this ph [...]

  • Tiger shifter Desdemona Grey, aka Dez, faces a lot of challenges in Otherspher She still has feeling for her ex boyfriend Caleb, who left in the previous book and came back in book three She is now dating his brother Lazar They need to face the boys dad, Ximon and the Tribunal, in their quest against shifters To top things off, she needs to deal with her biological parents Orgoli Khutulun agendas.Othersphere is the last book in the Otherkin Trilogy I admit I skipped over books one and two I seem [...]

  • Othersphere is the final book in The Otherkin trilogy by Nina Berry It begins shortly after Caleb left in Othermoon feeling betrayed by Dez Now with Caleb gone Dez has started dating Lazar and has not heard from Caleb since he left After Amaris sneaks out of the school Dez follows her, knowing she s going to meet up with Caleb She just wants to see that he s okay, but when they are suddenly attacked by Ximon and The Tribunal things take a turn for the worst Ximon opens a portal to Othersphere an [...]

  • So now we come to the end of the shifters series.It is the last stand All of our questions are answered Berry did a good job of wrapping things out even though I feel like she wrapped things up a little too nicely When I think about Dez, I see how much she has changed She went from this girl who had a back brace, and who hide in the shadows to the leader, the one who changed so many things and views for the shifters She took the otherkin world by storm and she flipped it upside down.I do have to [...]

  • Nina Berry has crafted a winner all around in her Otherkin series The world building is marvelous and seamless the characters are so lifelike I expected them to step off the page In this final installment of the trilogy, we finally learn the truth of Dez s parentage and abilities.Dez is a beautifully flawed character Bery doesn t hold back when it comes to fragility or the strength of the teenage mindset Dez learns hard lessons throughout this series, but she finally learns the hardest of all in [...]

  • This book was, by far, one of the best books written about shifters After all the hype about werewolves, this book is so different that it is refreshing to the fantasy readers minds It shows there is still room to change and contort the stereotypical werewolf story in something marvelous I thoroughly enjoyed every page of this book and will be putting the first two books in this series on my birthday wishlist Also, I appreciate the time and effort the author took in making some of our extinct an [...]

  • In finishing this series I was totally satisfied sadly I did not cry in this one I did have one of the moments where I want to smack the character with their own book although it wasn t Dez, but November I know she was in mourning for Siku, but I think no matter how bad you are hurting it gives you no excuse to lash out and hurt your friends especially the way she lashed out at Dez I kind of wish someone would of smacked her and she also got on my nerves with the way she flirted with Lazar They [...]

  • Othersphere by Nina Berry is the third book in the Otherkin trilogy In this book Dez, Lazar, London, Caleb, Amaris, Arnoldo, and November have to face the worst that Othersphere has to offer When Dez follows Amaris when she goes to see Caleb she is glad she went Ximon found out about the meeting and comes and attacks them He sends Amaris through the veil into othersphere Now they have to go throughout the veil into othersphere During the journey they discover that they are up against a bigger th [...]

  • This is where it sort of switched genres and got weird The love triangle is still going on, it s even awkward, she s fallen out with some of her friends over a tragedy that wasn t her fault, and, oh, yeah, Dez and some of her friends are going to travel into another world and rescue their friend No big thing, we re just moving from urban fantasy to fantasy watch out for those weird creatures in the woods.I loathed the all too conveniently manufactured melodrama in this book The love triangle, h [...]

  • As far as I know this book is the last one in the Otherkin trilogy Even though it is the last one, I am not sad The ending was open, happy and satisfying This book was about Dez and her group figuring out the twist and turns of the tribunal plus battling a new enemy, Orgoli As Dez fights Orgoli, she learns about herself and finally finds out who she truly is This book was never boring, but at times I found it hard to pick up This is not because it was boring, but because I was not happy with the [...]

  • I received a copy of this via firstreads I had hoped to read the first two books before this arrived, but alas that was not the case Even without the background of the other books this story was enjoyable and imaginative I was surprised that I did not feel lost or unable to follow the storyline as I might jumping in at the end if a series However, this author did not repeat herself for the first quarter of the book as many authors do so as to accommodate jump ins Nina did a great job making it p [...]

  • As this is the third book in the series I looked forward to reading it.Great rising action, just when you think you have reached the climax it gets bigger complex I have two complaints 1 To much preaching about environmental conditions The arguments were already made within the story You don t have to step out of the story to express your ideology Tell us through the characters 2 I understand this is a young adult book however I think you spent to much time on the sexual desires of these young [...]

  • Despite not having read the other books in the series, the author does quite a good job of quickly orienting the reader to the characters and the relevant aspects of their backstories very early on in the novel This book had a very interesting take on the shapeshifter theme that is present in so many paranormal books, and I enjoyed the fact that it wasn t just werewolves but rather many different animals ranging from rats to tigers There is also romantic tension throughout which complements the [...]

  • Wow, Nina Berry just blows me away This is such an underrated, undiscovered series The worlds weaved throughout these books are so magical and mysterious, I felt like I was inside the Avatar movie And then to include information about environment and animal preservation at the end of each book just ups my respect for Nina even I will definitely be rereading and recommending this series for the rest of my life.

  • The final book in Berry s trilogy provides the kind of grand displays you want and expect from a grand finale My chief quibble with the series is a personal dislike of love triangles, and even so when the suitors are brothers cough Tiger s Quest series by Colleen Houck cough The blend of urban fantasy and high fantasy will appeal to many readers, but unfortunately it wasn t my cuppa I received this book in a GoodReads First Reads contest.

  • 3.5 starsI thought it was alright Most of the time it just seemed like the story revolved around boy troubles Frustrating at times on how she handles things when it came to that When it wasn t focusing on that, the story was good I liked how the author described all of Othersphere and the creatures that lived there The ending seemed rushed All the action happened in the last bit of the story which was a bummer Overall I thought the series was okay I didn t hate it nor loved it.

  • I received this book via giveaway The great thing about the Paranormal genre is the ability to bring to life such wonderful, exciting and thrilling story Lines Nina Berry most certainly did so in Othersphere The world building was stunning, the dialogue was age appropriate and the story was just plain awesome.

  • Liked this book a lot, probably best in series The whole love triangle between Lazar, Caleb, and Dez seemed impossible to fix unless one was killed off So, view spoiler I really like that Nina Berry managed it without any death there If anything, I liked Lazar even for giving up his lover to his brother hide spoiler.

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