Beyond the Rift

Beyond the Rift Combining complex science with skillfully executed prose these edgy award winning tales explore the shifting border between the known and the alien The beauty and peril of technology and the passion
  • Title: Beyond the Rift
  • Author: Peter Watts
  • ISBN: 9781616961251
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Paperback
  • Combining complex science with skillfully executed prose, these edgy, award winning tales explore the shifting border between the known and the alien The beauty and peril of technology and the passion and penalties of conviction merge in narratives that are by turns dark, satiric, and introspective Among these bold storylines a seemingly humanized monster from John CarpCombining complex science with skillfully executed prose, these edgy, award winning tales explore the shifting border between the known and the alien The beauty and peril of technology and the passion and penalties of conviction merge in narratives that are by turns dark, satiric, and introspective Among these bold storylines a seemingly humanized monster from John Carpenter s The Thing reveals the true villains in an Antarctic showdown an artificial intelligence shields a biologically enhanced prodigy from her overwhelmed parents a deep sea diver discovers her true nature lies not within the confines of her mission but in the depths of her psyche a court psychologist analyzes a psychotic graduate student who has learned to reprogram reality itself and a father tries to hold his broken family together in the wake of an ongoing assault by sentient rainstorms Gorgeously saturnine and exceptionally powerful, these collected fictions are both intensely thought provoking and impossible to forget.Contents The Things The Island The Second Coming of Jasmine Fitzgerald A Word for Heathens Home The Eyes of God Flesh Made Word Nimbus Mayfly with Derryl Murphy Ambassador Hillcrest vs Velikovsky Repeating the Past A Niche Outtro En Route to Dystopia with the Angry Optimist
    Beyond the Rift By Peter Watts,
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    Peter Watts Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Beyond the Rift book, this is one of the most wanted Peter Watts author readers around the world.


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  • Beyond the Rift by Peter Watts is a collection of science fiction short stories I appreciate what Watts said in the final selection But in a very real sense, these are not my inventions they are essential features of any plausible vision of the future The thing that distinguishes science fiction, after all what sets it apart from magic realism and horror and the rest of speculative horde is that it is fiction based on science It has to be at least semiplausible in its extrapolations from here to [...]

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  • Science fiction is an incredibly diverse genre, both in terms of content and in terms of storytelling At one end of the spectrum you have your pulp sci fi, rollicking adventure stories that often skirt the boundaries of science to tell their fantastic tales Further along the line, at the middle of the spectrum, you find space opera, which generally uses and often abuses the outlandish possibilities in science to tell a tale Finally, at the other end of the spectrum you have hard science fiction [...]

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  • A really excellent collection of stories proving that Peter Watts is not only a master of unsettling and bleak science fiction, but he s also one of the smartest SF writers today, working in all sorts of ideas from biology, psychology and so on His concluding essay is also great a passioned argument that he is, despite what his reviewers constantly say, actually an optimist.I particularly loved the story A Niche , which I just found out is a prequel to the Rifters trilogy by Watts, which I someh [...]

  • Usually I find short story collections to be mixed bags some bad, maybe a few good, and most just okay This collection exceeded my expectations Full of broken people in broken worlds that are just trying to do the right thing, whether it s for themselves, or something other they re just trying their best.There s failure, heartbreak, and in the end, a bit of hope, maybe Interestingly, it is a line from the afterword that is sticking with me So if my writing tends toward the dystopic it s not beca [...]

  • Brainycat s 5 B s blood 4boobs 0bombs 3bondage 0 blasphemy 3Bechdel Test FAILDeggan s Rule FAILGay Bechdel Test FAILPlease note I don t review to provide synopses, I review to share a purely visceral reaction to books and perhaps answer some of the questions I ask when I m contemplating investing time and money into a book.One thing about Peter Watts he has one of the most distinctive voices in scifi since Theodore Sturgeon Despite the depth and breadth of topic, setting and POV this collection [...]

  • An excellent collection of short stories made possible by Peter Watts dedicated support of Creative Commons licensing Let me say a few words about each.Home A nice little episode in the Starfish universe Nothing too special 3 5 Ambassador A little like a shorter, distinct take on the themes of Blindsight with a different twist to it 4 5 Bethlehem Didn t really get into this one that much A fine story, but it just never really went anywhere 2 5 A Niche A little redundant since it is or less a pa [...]

  • I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Beyond the Rift is a collection of 13 hard SF short stories by Peter Watts These stories have all been published previously in other publications The first two stories in the anthology, The Things and The Island, were nominated for several awards including the Hugo, the Locus, and the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award Please note that The Niche [...]

  • This is a delightful collection of obsidian dark SF if that s not a contradiction in terms The darkness of Watts s work is notorious he even comments on that association in his interesting afterword in which he ultimately claims to be an optimist, despite writing some of the grimmest Sf ever and the stories here consistently present bleak futures and bleak people Watts is excellent at tapping into damaged psyches, malevolence, self interest, ignorance, and numerous other human foibles and failin [...]

  • Great hard sci fi and great stuff about different types of intelligences I would have given 5 stars if the ending wasn t a gotcha Merged review As good at short fiction as he is at novels Peter Watts remains my favorite author.

  • Peter Watts is a hell of a writer I know everyone describes his stuff as dark, and I suppose it is, but it s just so GOOD I loved all of these stories.

  • Worth twice the market price As usual, Watts s prose drips off the page in service of incredibly dystopian landscapes both thought provoking and utterly unsettling Along with the usual tropes of technological and biological alienation, Faith is a major theme in these stories The author would later go on to publish Echopraxia the sequel to Blindsight , which featured as the villain an alien cancer so inscrutable to the main characters that it blurred the line between fairy tale and empiricism It [...]

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  • Watts is an interesting writer Probably one of the interesting parts of this book was the closing story which was actually Watts own Outtro wherein he talks about himself and his writing style I actually found that quite interesting and it put his style of writing into context.Overall, the stories in this collection were good There were a few that were hard for me to get into Home is a slight filling in of details for his Rifters trilogy while A Niche appears to just be a chapter or section pul [...]

  • The one and only work I ve read by Peter Watts was BLINDSIGHT, his Hugo nominated novel of about 8 years ago I needed to refresh my memory, so I reread my review of that book in preparation for writing this review There are a couple of things from that review that stood out for me 1 BLINDSIGHT is a first contact novel, and it s one of the most original I ve ever read It s dark, tough, and gritty as I think about it, it reminds me of the atmosphere of the movie Alien The thing is, with Alien ther [...]

  • I m not really a short story person, so this may be biased If you just read on story it s okay and a little interesting However all of the stories have the same storytelling pattern first person narrative, no real explanations other than what the person realizes in the moment It gets old even before you finish the second one All in all the language quality is lacking and it s like an aha feeling porn collection If you re looking for sci fi, look somewhere else.

  • This is very interesting the way reality and fiction cross is amazing The stories really make you interpret the situations in many different ways Sometimes I wasn t sure what exactly the author meant but it kept me analyze the situations my own waywhich is the whole point, right I gave it 2 stars because this is not my genre and I don t plan on reading something similar soon.

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