Leo's Chance

Leo s Chance A companion alternate POV novel to the USA Today bestselling book Leo Does everyone deserve a second chance Even someone who lies and deceives to get it Do we all have a second chance coming Even if
  • Title: Leo's Chance
  • Author: Mia Sheridan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A companion alternate POV novel to the USA Today bestselling book, Leo Does everyone deserve a second chance Even someone who lies and deceives to get it Do we all have a second chance coming Even if we play a part in our own destruction How hard would you fight to have a second chance at love A second chance at life Another chance to tell your own story Every loveA companion alternate POV novel to the USA Today bestselling book, Leo Does everyone deserve a second chance Even someone who lies and deceives to get it Do we all have a second chance coming Even if we play a part in our own destruction How hard would you fight to have a second chance at love A second chance at life Another chance to tell your own story Every love story has two sides Evie told hers This time it s Leo s chanceIS IS A POV NOVEL OF LEO LEO SHOULD BE READ FIRST New Adult Contemporary Romance Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.
    Leo's Chance By Mia Sheridan,
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    Mia Sheridan Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Leo's Chance book, this is one of the most wanted Mia Sheridan author readers around the world.


  • Why are you looking at me Because I like your face Leo A Sign of Love 1 was one of the best books I ve read this year It was a complete story start to finish that told a beautiful, emotional love story with a twist The story was told primarily from the heroine s perspective though and despite it reading very fluidly as a stand alone romance with a happy ending, we didn t see any of the hero s POV So this book, Leo s Chance, gives that story It is not a sequel and it is not a stand alone, but rat [...]

  • 4.5 Leo Lovin Stars We all deserve a second chance, don t we Leo s Chance is essentially Leo from the male pov I know, I know, we ve been getting a lot of these lately This was actually BETTER for me than the original There was so much I needed to know from Leo so it really helped getting Leo s side of things And the ending there is a nice extra scene or two from Evie s pov If you haven t read Leo, and you are planning on reading Leo you might want to skip this review In Leo s Chance, you alread [...]

  • Even though this book was a retelling of Leo from Leo s perspective, I found it to be highly enjoyable Let s face it, if you ve read Leo , then you know that these two had enough chemistry to fill several books Reading Leo s version of events didn t feel redundant, like many alternate POV books do Hearing details about exactly what he went through in his years apart from Evie was enlightening I felt like the extra details that were provided in this book really helped complete the picture Even t [...]

  • 4 IMPRESSIVE starsKudos to Mia Sheridon for bring to life Leo s Chance, Leo s POV of the story Leo, in a manner that was amazingly fresh, unique, and insightful Not once did I feel the author simply regurgitated the dialogue and narrative from Leo In fact, I had to remind myself that this wasn t a new storyline but the same one only told from a different perspective How UNUSUAL and AMAZING is that This book was far enjoy for me than the original story The prose felt sharper, the editing tighter [...]

  • ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review It is hard for me to write a review for this book because if you haven t read the first book Leo, I really do not want to spoil it for you.First I need to say that I am a sucker for male POV in any book, especially if the whole book is his POV I loved the first book and I really loved this one.I love books about second chances, about traumatized pasts.I love when main hero is keeping secrets, and they make him insecure I also love when he i [...]

  • 5 You re worth fighting for Stars A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to meet Leo and Evie s love story in Mia Sheridan s Leo I loved every word of it so I wanted to read this book as well I waited a little bit because I was afraid to read the same book again However, I have to say that Mia Sheridan rocks because she is able to tell the same love story, from a different POV and still make you fall in love again with it My Evie, my heart, my savior My lion tamer.I will not repeat myself so maybe t [...]

  • The main question regarding this book being from Leo s POV is whether or not it s a rehash of the original story And my answer would be yesd no Yes, because there is a lot of rehashing with the exact, same dialog And no because it s so much A lot happened to Leo that couldn t be explained in the first book I think even if M.S had written Leo as a dual POV, it wouldn t have had enough time to do him justice There s just something enchanting about reading a story while getting the inside scoop Ho [...]

  • I m a worthless coward who took what I wanted And I wanted her, and I thought that was the only way I could keep her from leaving I panicked and lied, and now I know I have to tell her but I m so fucking scared THIS IS LEO S STORY This way my first time re reading a story told from an alt Pov I wasn t sure what to expect, all I knew is that I fell in love with Mia s writing in Leo When I went back and re read my review from Leo and remembered all those feelings she made me feel, I couldn t wait [...]

  • 4 First Love Stars Why are you looking at me Because I like your face My Evie, my heart, my savior My lion tamer First off, if you haven t read the first book, then don t read this review Okay, for those of you who have, you know what happens in the first book It starts off with a flashback of Leo in the hospital after his accident and how a therapist, Dr Fox, comes to visit him while he recovers Dr Fox slowly helps Leo move on from all the things that have caused him so much hurt One being, nev [...]

  • Well, I finally after two years sat down and read this one I am very glad that I did and am kicking myself in the butt as to why I waited so long for it Actually, I am kind of patting myself on the back as to waiting, and the reason is that this book is in Leo s POV Yes it is kind of the same story as the first one it was written in the heroine s POV but seeing as I hadn t read the first one in yearsis was a great reminder of the whole story in general There were parts that I did remember but th [...]

  • 3.5 Second Chance stars Why are you looking at me Because I like your face Evie and Leo s story is heartwarming and beautifully written and I really enjoyed reading Leo s side of it But I think I would have enjoyed it even if I would have postponed reading it a while longer, because it hasn t been that long since I ve readand I already knew pretty much everything that was going to happen Still, I always enjoy reading a male POV, even if there aren t that many new scenes or surprises, and readin [...]

  • Emotions came slamming back, making it feel like it was only yesterday that I had kissed her on our roof, and told her to wait for me and that I would wait for her, come for her, love her forever But I had failed.With a name like Leo I just wanted my typical alpha caveman wild animal to come out I was just breezing along and I realized that i was at 70 % in the book and I still wanted a lot to happen GrrrrrrrIf you ve read Leo you know that there was a twist to the story I think my problem was [...]

  • 4.5 Captivating Stars My lion tamer, my Evie, my love Leo s Chance is a follow up to Leo and while I loved the first book, I m so glad to get Leo s perspective It grabbed me from the get go and is so much than what I initially thought I became totally immersed and didn t want to stop until finished.Experiencing this romance through Leo s voice conveyed a deeper, emotional aspect to his and Evie s relationship Both have endured a painful past while living in foster care and they share a unique [...]

  • Benim i in, bence, bana g re Leo hayat mda okudu um en yo un kitap Kabul ediyorum sa mal klar var k z nas l tan m yor bilmem ne, ama kitap g zel mi g zel Hatalar na ra men kendini sevdiren kitaplara sahip k n karde lerim.Neyse, fazla uzatmayaca m nk okuldan yeni geldim ve modum d k O y zden unu diyeyim, hayattaki en b y k hayalim ruh e imin olmas ki Leo ve Evie kendilerini ok k k ya larda, ya an lacak onca eyin en ba nda buldular Bu harika de il de ne Evet lan ocukluk a klar na zaaf m var, kabul [...]

  • LOVE Leo sooooo much Seeing his side of the story was awesome and swoony and everything I wanted it to be Definitely my favorite of the two I recommend these books and I hope to get them on paperback soon The covers are HOT HOT HOT and plus I need Leo s book on my shelf Great book, Mia WOW This cover is HOT Oh Leo, how I love thee Can t wait for this book It s in his POV and oh how I m salivating at the mouth for this SQUEE

  • Finished Leo s Chance 3 days ago and I still get misty when I think about this book It was beautifully written This is a very emotional story about two children, who are lost souls, that share an innocent love for one another Their paths in life separate them only to reunite and fall in love once again Props to Mia Sheridan for doing what other popular authors have failed She has successfully re told a story from an alternate POV in a way that is refreshing new Break out the tissues for this boo [...]

  • 4 stars This book is really good, but I enjoyed Leo way I think the reason I liked Leo was because I read this book just a couple of days after reading Leo and it felt like I was re reading Leo, therefore I got bored at some pointsSo I believe if I have read it after a long time from now, I would have enjoyed it I loved that Sea snail story he told her, it had so many meanings At first, I wanted to read this book before Leo But, now that I have read it, I think its way better to read Leo firs [...]

  • 10 brilliant ,heartbreaking , emotional, loving,fighting for the one you love stars It has to be said that Leo is one of my all time favorite books I did not know how I was going to like this book but I have to said I FREAKING LOVE IT I loved reading and feeling through Leo eyes You feel the love he has for evie and the love she has for him And that bitch Lauren gots what she had coming and that end was just brilliant this is a must read for everyone

  • jointly reviewed for Totallybookedblog Gitte So, how excited were we Jenny, to finally get to hear Leo s voice on what happened to him the strength of his feelings, his emotions and life during the missing years Also, his reaction when he sees Evie again eight years later It truly was an emotional and heart breaking journey Emotions came slamming back, making it feel like it was only yesterday that I had kissed her on our roof, and told her to wait for me and that I would wait for her, love her [...]

  • 4.5 starsThis book is a companion novel to Leo it s essentially the same story, but from the hero perspective I admit that when this book came out, I wasn t all that excited to read it I was happy with Leo and didn t feel like I needed an additional story, but I picked this one up on a whim, and OMG, I loved it Maybe even than the first The storyline of Leo has a twist to it, and in this book the expectation is that you know that twist right from the beginning, so make sure you have read the fi [...]

  • yeah still I cant believe how she cant recognised him second, i cant believe why he was not jealous of himself he should have been jealous of himself.he should think himself as she just forgot about me and now making sex with me and loving me i hate myself, i hate him and i hate her or something like that he should have been jealous of not being Leo but being Jake.JUST THINK FOR A SECOND, THAT WOULD BE GREAT TO READ, THE JEALOUS WORDS FROM LEO S BROKEN HEART HOLY FUCK if I remember correctly he [...]

  • Leo s Chance Mia Sheridan5 stars Just a reminder that this is Leo Mia s first book in this series told from Leo s POV, so therefore you need to have read this first for this book to have any meaning Leo was always going to be a hard act to follow as it was a gorgeous book, but Mia outdid herself with this one I always thought it would be extremely difficult for a woman to write a man s POV and some authors have tried and miserably failed, but this author is not one of them.Just like the first bo [...]

  • IF YOU HAVEN T READ LEO, DON T READ LEO S CHANCE.IF YOU HAVE READ LEO, THEN YOU RE IN FOR A TREAT Leo s Chance is Leo s story told from his POV It might seem redundant and although there were definitely areas that were, there was also enough new stuff and revelations added in that prevented boring you out of reading the same book twice.I LOVED Leo, the book And the character But the book is on my fav s of 2013 and therefore reading this was a no brainer So despite some repitition I fell in love [...]

  • Although I liked this book from Leos perspective better than the first book LEO I still found the story lacking in believability when it comes to Evie not recognising Leo AFTER ONLY EIGHT YEARS Sorry, but I cant get over that Its just not plausible The other really big criticism I have with this book are the sex scenes we really dont need that amount of detail Mia Sheridan For example, when Leo is having sex with Evie, he describes every detail right up until he is about to orgasm and then tells [...]

  • I loved itBUT I m not a huge fan of alternate POV books I loved the scenes with Leo s Dr Fox and that we got hear a bit about his past it could ve been a bit thoughBUT I still loved it it was a nice addition to the first book

  • 5 stars of chances InLeo s Chance it s in Leo s pov I loved Leo It was such a good book, Leo s Chance is just as good but I think even better because its from jake aka Leo s p.o.v despite all the pain that we had endured to be where we are, in the end, love won.

  • You are my dream, I whisper to her in the dark You are my every dream come true 5 Amazing Wonderful Stars I absolutely loved this story I love Leo Everything Leo and Evie went through, they fought for each other and despite all the pain and heartbreak, love brought them back together I really loved this story, I enjoyed seeing things through Leo s eyes and the Epilogue brought happy tears to my eyes That s the easy part, my beautiful boy Believing in you is effortless It always was.

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